Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Chinese Conspiracy



In this era of increasing dependence on cell phones, text messages, email and computers, what would happen if, suddenly, nothing works? Who, or what, caused everything to shut down all at once? And what can be done about it? Those are central questions in the story of The Chinese Conspiracy.

Far from the sunny beaches of Marco Island, this is a story evolving around the world. The recent visit by President Hu Jintao emphasized the current U. S. issues with China. Now a new novel, The Chinese Conspiracy, tells a scary, but fictional story, based on real technology and the reality of China’s desire to dominate the U. S.

Marco residents will have a chance buy the book and to meet author John Mariotti when he signs books on Wed. Feb. 2, from 1 to 3 PM at Sunshine Booksellers, 677 South Collier Boulevard, Marco Island. Mariotti spends time in Marco in the

John Mariotti

John Mariotti

winter—but without his cowboy hat—which he leaves in snowy Columbus, OH. You can learn the stories behind the book’s ten year evolution.

Author John Mariotti is an experienced executive and business author, having two award-winners among his 9 business books. After writing about many factual situations, Mariotti has been watching and researching this scenario for almost ten years. He created an engrossing novel full of high tech threats and human emotions; a work of fiction, but close to reality. Mariotti’s book is about far more than the cyber-terrorism attack planned by the villains. A plant closing devastates a small town. A story of redemption and a long lost love are also central to the story.

“This is a story that could have been ripped from today’s headlines,” Mariotti told the Coastal Breeze. Whether it is WikiLeaks scandalous revelations or your personal identity theft, cyber-threats are an evolving threat to our way of life. No one is beyond its reach. Hackers even broke into the site.”

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