Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Big Parade

The Wearin’ of the Green started a tad early on Marco Island. On March 11, six days before St. Patrick receives his annual tribute, Islanders had a treat…the big parade! No corned beef and cabbage, but two marching bands, colorful floats and prominent Marco citizen, Dick Shanahan, as Grand Marshal. His wife, Debra, looked regal as she waved to the folks on the sidelines. Collier County Commissioner Donna Fiala happily waved from her car in the parade, as did Kathleen Reynolds, the Grande Dame of the parade. She’s the organizer of the parade.

Lely High School’s band performed some popular ditties, while the Charter School’s offering was the famous Notre Dame fight song. Two bagpipers were heard, one traditional and another with a modern electronic version.

The Knights of Columbus were out, led by City Councilman Wayne Waldack in full regalia. There were kids aplenty on floats and the Sons and Daughters of Erin proudly flaunting the green. On the sidelines children scampered after candy tossed their way by the marchers.

‘Twas a glorious parade and foreshadowed the annual joy of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

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