Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Arlington Welcomes Its First Residents



Donna Fiala

The Arlington upscale retirement community has officially welcomed its first residents. Wonderful people they are! Mr. and Mrs. Chaulk were delightful, well read and traveled, and we all enjoyed their sense of humor immensely. They bought one of the gorgeous villas that look more like a mini-mansion than anything else. It even comes with its own golf cart for riding around the community. The following day, and each day afterward, more residents are moving into the villas. Another couple that will be moving into their villa, upon arriving back in Collier County, is Tony and Connee Zeman, our wonderful friends from Lely Resort. I understand there are a number of residents who are coming from Marco Island and Lely Resort, so it will be like a reunion of marvelous people!

  • My daughter and I went to lunch at a great little breakfast and lunch place, and while we waited in a very long line to be called (mind you, this is the 11th of October – it’s not even season yet!) the hostess I spoke with said they keep daily records of the number of guests eating with them, and they are averaging over 100 people a day MORE than last year! When season gets here we’ll have to eat at our friends’ houses because there won’t be any room for us! But, I guess we should count our blessings because this winter is predicted in the Farmer’s Almanac to be as bad or worse than last year for those living up north. I cannot blame them for wanting to come down here. Let’s face it – most of us came here from someplace else. What drove us? Mostly the weather, the sun, the water, the sunsets, the beauty. In some cases the parents moved here first and the family followed after visiting regularly, because once you visit, you long to come back again and again. It wasn’t like that for me though. My husband and I (and our friends) came to Largo, Florida to visit his parents, and our friends asked us to come to Naples to visit their friends for one day. I had a sick little boy, but they insisted, so I acquiesced, but only for one day! That night, after my husband and his buddy enjoyed a few spirits (nice way of saying that, isn’t it?) and I was packing to leave the next morning, my husband said “whatcha doing?” “Packing” was my reply. “No, you’re not leaving,” He said “I’m leaving you here to find a house, I’m going back to sell our house and the business. We’re moving!” Just like that! No conversation. No plans. Nothing. He left me here to find a house and buy it, then to go back to Cleveland, pack up and move! That was January 1974. We moved in on June 12, 1974. He has since passed, but I’m still in the same house, and most of my kids and all of my grandchildren are right here, thank heavens. I have one son in Albany though, who gets home at least once a year. I’m not sure why I told you all that, so please forgive.
  • Dr. Debi Lux has been working with the City of Marco Island and the City of Naples, and will soon make a presentation to Collier County, to get approval to hang banners in public places honoring our veterans. What a terrific way to tell our veterans we appreciate all they have done for us, and the sacrifices they have made! We should begin to see them appear around Marco Island and other parts of the county in November, in time for Veteran’s Day! In the county she is hoping to feature them in the Fred Coyle Freedom Park and the North Collier Regional Park, to name a few, if they are approved.




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