Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The 20th Century Seminole Experience

On exhibit now through April 27 at the Naples Depot Museum is “The 20th Century Seminole Experience—Artwork by Muffy Clark Gill.”

Informed by this accumulated wealth of intriguing historic data, Muffy Clark Gill began to observe and question how the Native Americans utilized the transportation devices of the white man and adopted them for their own uses. She found the images showing Native Americans observing modern transportation while canoeing by in their primitive vehicles very ironic—the worry that a tribal elder riding in a blimp could be life threatening. The couple who bought a rundown car to get to their destination while driving through the swamps inspired her to explore more.

Muffy Clark Gill begins by selecting and appropriating images, text and patterns, fragmenting and re-positioning them into a cohesive theme. She incorporates the traditional wax and dye resist process known as batik, transferring the images using the dye transfer process. The work is further enhanced by applying paint and inks by hand. Once the composition is complete, the lined panels are then sewn together. Influenced by traditional methods of painting on fabric, she begins to paint on silk or rayon in the style of the Japanese Kimono, which to her, has a strong correlation to the traditional Seminole man’s jacket; both cultures having rich history of intricate, colorful patterns in their traditional garments.

The Naples Depot Museum is located at 1051 Fifth Avenue South, Naples. Visit colliermuseums.com for more information.

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