Thursday, October 28, 2021

The 2019 Golf Cart Parade on Isles of Capri is Another Holiday Hit

As golf carts parades go, the most recent parade on Isles of Capri broke all the golf cart parade records. Although the total cart number varies by 2-3, depending on who was doing the counting, the total number was between 55 to 58—probably a world record at the very least throughout the history of the Isles. Luckily, a permit was granted for the historical parade and the number of golf carts continues to grow. There is now designated “Golf Cart Parking” at local restaurants and parking places are on a first-come-first-served basis, so get there early.

A reindeer atop a golf cart heading out in the parade.

Carts were decorated with lights, music, humorous holiday figures, including a jumping Marlin (the fish that is), the Grinch, an animal with tentacles that was hard to identify, singers, costumed riders, carolers, carousers and cavorters. When it appears that all the participating golf carts are assembled for this special event on the East side of the Isles, the procession drives up and down all the side roads of the Isles to the delight of residents and visitors that line the streets each year.

The cheers and enthusiasm are contagious and spur the carts onward with even more enthusiasm than they originally started with at the beginning of the parade. To add to the party effect, some homes were decorated with lights and humor, revolving colors, people shouting Merry Christmas and cheering on the carts. Some recognize their friends and neighbors and encourage them by name, “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Cupid and Vixen…” whoops, that’s another scenario, not this one!

After weaving up and down the streets of Isles of Capri, many found their way to Pelican Bend, the Island Gypsy, the Fish House or home afterward to quench their thirsts or rest their weary selves after all the planning, designing, decorating and motoring, which was worth every bit of energy necessary to make the parade a success.

Since there is no judging of the golf carts, the results are mute, but on the other hand, that’s probably the best scenario; no hard feelings and everyone feels like a winner. Spectators and participants enjoyed themselves, the night was cold and turned pleasant, and memories were made that will transfer into future golf cart parades. I suspect that some of the participants have already begun planning their cart themes for the 2020 Isles of Capri Golf Cart Parade. See you there!

Note: It’s very dark during this parade and almost impossible to see young children darting into the street for candy or another reason. Please keep this mind for next year’s parade and keep them safe!

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