Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The 10 Year Old Coin That Could

Whoever said young people today didn’t have the “right stuff.” If they did, they never met young Bobby Lucius, the son of Casey and Robert Lucius. Casey serves as the Assistant to Marco Island City Manager Mike McNees.

City Managers are familiar with the art of fielding questions, complaints and requests on a daily basis. Some of them range from noisy neighbors, a streetlight that needs to be fixed and complaints that range from the very trivial to that of a significant nature. All of them are handled with respect and solutions to those challenges are relatively easy to come by, while most of the time, satisfying the concerned citizen.

One of the more unique issues to come across the desk of Mike McNees since coming aboard as the City Manager for Marco came about a few days ago when Lee Rubenstein, the Commander of the local American Legion Post made an appointment with him. Rubenstein brought along a 25-pound sack full of coins that had been tossed into the fountain found at the Veterans Community Park. 

Rubenstein’s complaint centered around the condition of the coins. He had worked for about a week trying to clean up those coins so they could be deposited for future use by the veteran’s organization for improvements to the memorial area. Although he tried, he said he was unable to restore them to an acceptable condition, this after considerable effort.

McNees listened to Rubenstein’s concerns and assured him he would see what could be done. McNees was faced with a number of challenges since arrival, but this was one for the books.

When Lucius stepped into McNees’ office, she saw the bag and explained Mr. Rubenstein’s plight. Lucius wouldn’t let her boss down, so she took possession of the bag promising her boss she’d see what could be done.

Her solution involved a very bright 10-year old within the Lucius household, whom she would bring those tarnished coins home to. That same 10-year old jumped to the challenge, which seemed to elude to others. Ironically enough, within a short 4 hours her son returned those coins back to reasonable condition to be turned in.

He and his mother brought those same coins to an exchange facility and they walked away with a total of $150, which reflected the value of those coins, minus a minimal service charge for the service.

McNees then invited the Legion Commander back to his office and young Bobby Lucius proudly returned the canvas bag to Rubenstein with cash in the amount of $150 within it. The astonished and impressed Rubenstein humbly accepted the monies and congratulate the young man, inviting him to visit the memorial and promising he would be recognized for his contribution to the organization.

It was a proud mother and dad, who are both veterans of the U.S. Military, that proudly gazed upon their 10-year-old who made a difference on that day and never failed to accomplish his mission and never gave up.

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