Monday, January 24, 2022

Temporary Modification to the Disinfection Procedures

Marco Island Utilities (MIU) will be temporarily changing the disinfection process for the potable (drinking) water supply for the Marco Island Drinking Water Service Area. From September 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014, the water will be disinfected with free chlorine rather than chlorine combined with ammonia (chloramines). This conversion to free chlorine (a stronger disinfectant) from chloramines allows MIU to perform an annual water distribution system purge as recommended by the Department of Environmental Protection for water utilities using chloramines as their primary disinfectant. The process will start on Sept 1, 2014.

This temporary change in disinfectant does not cause adverse health effects. However, during this period customers may experience a change in the taste, odor and/or color of the water due to the change in treatment.

Customers on Kidney Dialysis who use a proportioning machine to prepare dialysate at home are advised to contact their physician or equipment supplier to obtain the appropriate steps to accommodate the change in water disinfection and to install the proper filtering devices, if needed. 

Customers who have a fish tank(s) or aquatic species are advised to contact the local pet store to ensure proper pretreatment of the water before adding or changing the water in the tank to avoid any problems associated with chlorine.

MIU will be performing a flush of the system in conjunction with this change in water treatment. Water customers should be aware that they might experience short-term changes to their water quality during flushing, including cloudy or discolored water. While this water is safe to drink, there is a possibility that it may possibly stain clothes that are laundered. Customers are advised to flush any cloudy or discolored water that may enter their plumbing by running a faucet for several minutes.

Customers are asked to call Jack Green at the Marco Island Reverse Osmosis Plant @ 239-389 3967 or cell number 239-825-5058 with any questions concerning this change in disinfectants.

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