Saturday, November 27, 2021

TECO Gas Company Natural Gas Line Installation



Beginning this week, TECO gas will be installing a 6 inch natural gas line onto the island under the Marco River. This installation will be similar to our recent subaqueous installation of the 24” raw water main. The boring pit will be located on the Marco side of the old Jolley Bridge in the area now know as the gravel parking lot. This parking lot and the right turn lane into the lot will be closed for approximately two weeks beginning on Thursday, November 10th. This schedule may be modified depending on the delivery of pipe material and construction equipment. This construction operation should not impact the traffic flow on the northbound Jolley Bridge. After construction, TECO Gas will completely restore the parking area and any damaged landscaping. The only visible remainder of the installation will be an at-grade valve enclosure similar to our standard utility valve boxes.
Please call the Marco Island Public Works Department at 239-389-5189 for additional information.

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