Thursday, October 28, 2021

Technology races ahead – on Marco Island



In a small real estate office at 855 Bald Eagle Drive, a 21 year resident of Marco Island is engaged in an exciting and fascinating technological advancement. With a simple click of any smart phone, Sun Realty’s Dennis MacDonald demonstrates how a prospective real estate buyer can instantly download complete information about a home or lot. He does it simply by photographing a barcode his system has put on a version of one of the common real estate signs that advertise available property. With a single click of a smart phone the prospective buyer gets just about everything he needs to know.

After a successful career in the Boston area Dennis migrated to sunny Marco Island, and says he “will never leave”. Just like many islanders he went into – yes, you got it – real estate on Marco Island. He discovered the new process some months ago, and now has a complete facility for his new enterprise. Dennis believes that the new barcode system will provide a much more efficient means of transmitting real estate information than the box and paper system now used.

Dennis acquired a license from Toyota (yes the Japanese automobile manufacturer) that developed the new technology. He has the ability to create, within seconds, a complex barcode individually tailored to the property, known as “QR Codes”. On the sign the barcode is a square resembling a piece of modern art. The various symbols and squiggles make up the individual code for the property. Each code contains all the information about a particular property, including such things as square feet, number of rooms (if developed), price, taxes, and so on. Dennis provides durable, reusable signs anywhere in the United States to agents and realtors. After a sale is made the agent or realtor may reuse the sign by simply getting a new barcode to paste over the previous one. The price for a sign ranges from $40 to $50, with delivery included.

In addition to providing information quickly and conveniently, the new technology does away with the clumsy boxes that now sit on property and are not only ugly, but produce loads of litter. He then develops the barcode, affixes it to the sign and ships it out. The technology even allows for a virtual tour of the property when the code is scanned on a PDF. All an agent or realtor has to do is contact Dennis on the internet at

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