Friday, January 28, 2022

TBE Science Day full of discovery!

Meagan Hurley and Katie Moss.

Meagan Hurley and Katie Moss.

Tommie Barfield Elementary held a 5th grade Science Exhibit in the cafeteria recently. Each student developed their project with a hypothesis, then proceeded to verify their hypothesis through research. Projects were titled and displays were created to show the results. Bradley Chute’s project entitled ‘Drip Drop’ looked at water quality. He tested chemical levels in water from several locations around Marco Island. Most readings were documented as acceptable, but Bradley explained the readings gathered from the Factory Bay area raised alarm over the health of the waterway.

Stephen Quinn compared the amount of iron in everyday breakfast cereals. Kelli Jacobs did her project entitled Great Globs of Gluten and took the hands on approach to look at the levels of gluten in a variety of flours while Katie Moss studied gender bias and friend Meagan Hurley looked for the crystallization of syrup.

Fifth grade teacher, and 2010 Golden Apple winner, Mr. Mundorf studied Zuli Toro’s display on the formation of Rock Candy. Jay Vanderjagt’s  project entitled ‘How Low Can You Go’ and Shane Kelly compared the speed of a macintosh laptop to the brand new Ipad. Gustavo Suarez exhibited how fruit decays with his Which Fruit Can Ruin Your Dessert.

Fourth graders’ projects were shown in the classrooms. Virginia Jenkins looked at the properties of cabbage and  Andrew McAllister showed the power of magnets in his Magnetic Mayhem exhibit.

Younger students participated in this Earth Day celebration with fun filled activities including planting flowers, hands-on class experiments and consumer-related science projects. Each grade level participated.

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