Sunday, December 5, 2021

Tax Scams



Dear Coastal Breeze News,

There is a scam going around and I want to warn residents. I am a CPA and prepare tax returns. One of my 84 year old clients called me almost in tears. Someone called her and said they were from the IRS and she owed $25,000. She told them she had a CPA and this wasn’t possible. They said they would call to speak to me and explain it. She called me afterwards and I assured her it was a scam. To calm her down, we called the IRS together. Sure enough, she does not owe anything. In the meantime, the IRS agent put us on hold. While we were on hold, the scammers called me and said “Are you Rosa the CPA.”  I responded yes and when I asked who it was, they hung up.

The IRS agent comes back on the phone. My client’s phone rings and it’s them impersonating me!!!! They told her that the balance was correct and she owed the money. Then the fake IRS agent called and asked her to get the money ready or she would go to jail. I told her to go along with it so we could have something to go by. She got an address and telephone number. Then the real IRS agent gave us a number to report it to the Inspector’s office which we did. In the meantime, she was scared, so I told her to call the police.

The police arrive. The scammers called several times and the police even spoke with them.  They did not believe it was the police. They insisted she pay the funds. The police leave. She keeps getting phone calls stating they are around the corner and would pick up a check. The police come again and watched her home overnight.

They haven’t called back but, my guess is, because it’s a weekend and the banks are closed. BUT WHO KNOWS HOW MANY ELDERLY PEOPLE ARE GETTING SCAMMED?

I called her the next day and they had called her AGAIN impersonating me saying she should hurry and get the check ready!!!

Rosa Marino-Scola, CPA, MS
Marino & Scola Consulting, Inc.

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