Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Taste of Immokalee

Arturo Artiles.

“Resilient” has always been a word that describes Taste of Immokalee students. The Class of 2020, all that have overcome a global pandemic and racial unrest, elevates that description to a whole new level. 

This time has also impeded our ability to gift our graduates with college scholarships since COVID-19 guidelines have required us to cancel our fundraisers this year. We turn to you, our generous supporters, and ask for your help in sending these remarkable students off to college with their heads held high.  

Every $500 donation enables us to provide a scholarship for one student. These funds cover necessities that are not typically covered by academic scholarships such as dorm essentials, food, supplies, clothing, winter wear, and travel home for holidays.  

We are grateful for donations of all sizes on our website,


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