Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Taking a Risk

Ask the Life Coach

Dear Coach, 

It feels like the theme song for “June” should be “Ready to Take a Chance Again” by Barry Manilow.  

As our island, our state, and our country begin to open up, leaving home still feels risky to me. Am I being overly careful or prudently cautious? I just don’t know. Any insights would be helpful. 



Dear Judy, 

The definition of risk is “a situation that exposes you to danger.” Other definitions include the “potential for uncontrolled loss of something you value” and “intentional interaction with uncertainty.” 

If feels like all of these definitions apply to the world in which we live right now. While risk may be in the context of risking your life, it can also mean risking the danger of living in fear. Something to consider.  

I too am wondering what level of risk I’m willing to take to resume portions of my life. For almost the past ninety days, I’ve sacrificed in order to protect my life and the lives of others in the face of this horrific pandemic. I’m not willing to toss this sacrificeand my good health and the good health of othersaside in order to rush into the world. On the other hand, I believe that once we acknowledge that risk is in every choice we make—that it’s not meant to be outrun but thoughtfully considered—opportunity appears. 

How you evaluate risk is very personal. As you look at the facts and talk to those you trust, consider your personal vulnerability and the risk-factor of others in your circle. I’ve found that there are no black and white choices. I’m basing my decisions on science and statistics. However, I will have to make choices that may feel somewhat risky as I come out of my cocoon. You will too. In the end, trust your common sense and intuition.  

Feel free to email me at coachmershon@gmail.com and let me know how you’re doing. 

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