Thursday, October 21, 2021

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Jews and Baseball



Who ever knew that Kevin Youkilis, the great baseball player was Jewish?  Who ever thought to ask? This goateed Boston Red Sox infielder is one of many Jewish players profiled in the new documentary “Jews and Baseball,” to be screened Sunday, February 27th at the Jewish Film Festival, at the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island. Come for Mini Hot Dogs and Baseball snacks at 1 PM.

In addition to Youkilis, you’ll see the stories of New York Giants player, Moses Solomon, (called the “Rabbi of Swat,” in the 1920s,) Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax, Shawn Green and many others.

There is something about the grand old game of baseball that has acted as a conduit for successive generations of immigrants and drawn them into the fabric of American society and culture and the millions of Jewish immigrants pouring through Ellis Island have been no different. The Jewish community has shown a passion for the sport as baseball players while the burgeoning Jewish population filled the stands as cheering fans.  Even the rampant anti-Semitic atmosphere of the 1930s could not shake their love and enthusiasm.

And just like icing on the cake the music of the famous “take me out to the ball game” was written by Albert von Tilzer, son of Jewish immigrants.

Come and join us for a delightful afternoon, a delicious hot dog and snacks and a wonderful film.

See you at the movies!

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