Thursday, October 21, 2021

Take Action to Keep Schools Safe

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office are asking the entire community to help keep our kids safe in school this year.

“As all of us are aware, school safety is not just about traffic and slow-speed zones anymore,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “It takes an entire community working together to keep our schools safe. We must all turn our safety awareness into action to keep our kids safe.”

Sheriff Rambosk has five specific actions that all adults can take right now to keep our kids safe in school all year:

1. Use a gun lock on your weapons or keep them stored in a secure vault or safe.

2. Report suspicious activity, threats, social media posts or pictures by calling 911 or non-emergency 239-252-9300.

3. Get adults and kids the support help and support they need before a mental health crisis occurs.

4. Know what your child is seeing and doing on social media.

5. Pay attention to your driving and drive safely.

This year Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) has taken specific actions to keep our schools safe: doors are now locked, a new access control camera system is in place in every school, more safety drills are scheduled and all high school students will be issued identification cards to wear.

Law enforcement and all of public safety in our community has also taken many action steps to enhance school safety: a youth relations trained law enforcement officer is scheduled at each Collier County school; specific training is delivered to our youth relations deputies as well as to our schools’ teachers, administrators and staff; and emergency response equipment has been purchased and placed throughout school facilities.

For more than 45 years, CCSO’s commitment to assigning certified deputies in Collier County schools to keep our kids safe has been strong and we look forward to our entire community continuing to work together with us on this most important mission of school safety

Here’s more information on those action items that Sheriff Rambosk is asking every adult to take now:

Lock your guns: CCSO and the Naples Daily News have partnered in a program to provide free gun locks to the community. Locks are available at any CCSO Substation and will be available during CCSO safety events throughout the year.

Keep your weapons secure in a gun vault or gun safe. Not only does this keep your weapons out of the hands of children, but keeps them secure against theft.

Securing your weapon is not just something to do at home: Do not leave firearms in an unlocked vehicle!

Report suspicious activity by calling 911 in an emergency or non-emergency 239-252-9300.

Get kids the help and support they need before a mental health crisis occurs. In addition to CCPS school counselors, the Collier County Youth Resource Center (239-252-0900), CCSO Youth Relations Bureau deputies, school guidance counselors and the staff at the David Lawrence Center (239-455-8500) are just some of the resources available to help. You can also contact your family medical professional for help. Make a call and connect to resources that can help.

Call law enforcement to report anything that resembles a threat- including statements, social media posts and pictures. If you see something, say something and report it for immediate follow up. Call 911 or 239-252-9300.

Know what your child is seeing and doing on social media. Monitor your child’s social media and talk to them about what they are seeing, reading and posting online. It’s also important that parents discuss with their children the new level of serious consequences for making threats on social media. These new penalties that went into effect July 2018 make it a second-degree felony to create, post or transmit a threat to carry out a mass shooting or act of terrorism. Having a felony charge is no joking matter, even if comments are made as a prank.

And of course, drive safely! Pay attention to school zones, bus stops, children biking and walking to school.

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