Thursday, January 20, 2022

Swinging in the Breeze



Loft and getting the ball to fly high is a result of swinging the club head down and contacting the ball on the downswing. A downward blow creates backspin which, in turn, produces lift.  The golf club goes in an upward motion on the backswing, reaches the top of the swing and starts downward until it reaches the bottom of the arc where it begins to travel upward. When a person fails to meet the ball on the downswing or at the bottom of the swing, the club head starts upward and contacts the middle or top of the ball which results in rolling the ball.  Topping the ball shot after shot can be frustrating and in due time could cause a player to call it quits.  At the address position, the club head and ball are on the ground. When you swing the club and contact he ball and ground at the same time, lift will become new experience for you. The practice tee is the place to train and experiment with new ideas that are simple, make sense, and show progress.
Remember, hang in there and try again.

Lou Thibeault is a teaching golf professional at The Links of Naples, 16161 Tamiami Trail East, Naples. You may reach him at 394-8102, or 417-1313.

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