Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Marco Moose help support Surge soccer travel expenses. PHOTO BY VAL SIMON/COASTAL BREEZE NEWS

Marco Moose help support Surge soccer travel expenses. PHOTO BY VAL SIMON/COASTAL BREEZE NEWS

Coastal Breeze News Staff

Timothy Dwyer, local businessman and Junior Governor of the local Moose Lodge, along with Bill Miller, Governor, presented a $500 check to an appreciative Surge Soccer team. This is the second donation made by the Moose Lodge to a local sports organization in the past few weeks. “We gave the Marco Island Optimist Club’s Football team a check for $500 and the City Kids Tennis program, too. We have made an effort this year to be more proactive in the community. We want people to know what being a member of the Moose Lodge represents. The funds donated today came from a yard sale we held.”

Joe Bartos, President of the Surge Soccer Club of Marco Island and Al Wagner, coach and treasurer accepted the donation with team members and assistant coach Luis Aguilera. On hand were team members Luis Aguilera, Jr., Jose Aguilera, Andrew Hurdis, Matt Vergo, Kyle Bartos, Kole Bartos, Joshua Wagner, Jacob Wagner and Matt DeSantis.

Tim described the wide ranging impact being a member of the Moose Lodge has. “We support Mooseheart which provides homes, care and education to children who may have lost their parents or come from unhealthy environments. We’ve housed 12,000 children from infancy through high school age since Mooseheart began 97 years ago. On the other side of the spectrum, right here in Florida, the Moose Lodge supports Moosehaven, a continuing care facility for retired members of the Moose. The facility is on 72 acres on the banks of the St. John’s River and offers different choices of progressive care. There are many other charitable causes Moose members support.” Tim owns and operates Concrete Technologies Incorporated (CTI) on Marco Island.


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