Monday, November 29, 2021

Support Rick LoCastro!

Letter to the Editor

Do you realize it’s only a few days to the August 18 Primary? 

Do you realize this is the first time recently that a Marco Island resident is a candidate to fill our beloved Donna Fiala’s seat for District 1? That candidate being our neighbor Rick LoCastro? 

Do you realize that Rick will represent Marco so as to no longer just be a cash cow to the county, but be a powerful voice in the future direction of Marco and the county? Well, get off the couch and get out and support Rick LoCastro! 

Compare Rick’s qualifications with his opponents—an honored military Veteran, a corporate executive, a business leader, but not a good old political has been! It’s a no brainer, but it is an opportunity not to be missed by Marco Voters! 

Rick needs a big vote of support from our neighbors so get out and get him that. Believe me, it’s not often we get a non-politician with the credentials Rick offers! 

This isn’t Rocket Science! 


Joe Batte 

Former City Councilor 

Marco Island 

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