Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Sunshine & Surprise!

Coastal Comments


It’s coming close now! You can feel it in the air, which has turned surprisingly beautiful recently, just in time for family to visit with the weather they were hoping for! No one comes to visit our part of paradise looking for cold, bleak, rainy weather! They are hoping to be greeted by what they read in magazines talking about our sunshine, our swimming, our balmy outdoors, etc., and we have that awaiting them right now! Much better than a couple weeks ago when we had to dress in jackets, sweaters, socks, quilt blankets, etc. I never get bored with our lovely weather, and I don’t think our visitors tire of it eitherMy son from Albanywho was 8 months old when we moved here but now because of work must live in Albany, NYcannot wait to enjoy our sunshine and beaches for a little while. Why does he live up there? Because of work, of course.  

*When I was driving around recently, looking at new developments and commercial properties about to be built, I saw yet ANOTHER storage unit being built on U.S. 41 East, just east of 951/Collier Blvd. I wondered how many more storage units this area can bear before we are overburdened with them and the need starts drying up. To my surprise, however, some of our residents think they are great because they don’t generate traffic, they don’t draw people here, so our streets still remain capable of handling the traffic load. One of our residents pointed that opinion out to me at a speech I was presenting, and I can tell you I was surprised, but he made a great pointand some upperincome people who have started moving here have said the same thing! They abhor the traffic at the north end of the county, and would prefer not to deal with it so they sell their homes up there and move to this area! Who would have ever thought of that turnaround?!  

*It wasn’t long ago when the East Naples Civic Association was going to have a retirement party for me, but because of COVID-19 reports, they decided to scrap that idea and instead did some sort of collection, and then asked what I would want to do with it? As a group, we decided to divide the money into gift certificates to be split among a few households of people in need in this area, mainly who the school system suggested, because who knows better what families are in need than the teachers or principals? Thanks to Shirley Calhoun, Jean Kungle, George Danz and the principals of 5 different schools, we thoughtfully and carefully distributed these gift certificates to people who really were in need. We didn’t see them ourselves, which is much kinder, but just wished them happiness through the schools who presented them to the recipients. Just as a side note: have any of you thought of donating to Youth Haven? Has anyone even heard of Youth Haven? You always hear of those who receive so many donations, but you never hear of others who need them desperately yet don’t seem to receive anything! Many “not for profits” have fundraising chairmen and spend lavishly for parties and events, so we’ve all heard of them. The rest are scratching the dirt but have no money to hire anyone or advertise anything. I wish those WITHOUT could submit THEIR needs, so they could benefit from the many dollars that float around! 

*While we were traveling around to the schools, we noticed a big sign that said, “Manatee Cove,” right on U.S. 41 E. We took a little time to investigate and found a brand-new development beginning to come out of the ground! It’s a Pulte Homes Developmentnice company with a good reputationthink Ave Maria. They were building 163 singlefamily homes along U.S. 41E, two bedrooms to five bedrooms, close to two schools, and a stones throw away from shopping and restaurants, and a short drive to downtown Naples, and just as close to Marco Island for another real treat! There is also a brand-new Publix store being built as we write at the east entrance to Fiddler’s Creek Community, and we understand they will be adding commercial buildings as well. You are also very close to NATURE! Just a short distance further, you will come upon some of Florida’s gorgeous wildlife and flora and faunathe Picayune Stand and the Fakahatchee Forest! Plus, the Seminole State Park, The Everglades National Park, and the Big Cypress National Park. Too beautiful to miss! Plus of course, the Indian villages along the way, as you drive East on U.S. 41! Kind of makes you want to explore, right? Plus in this weather, with no mosquitos or rain, it’s a perfect time.  



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