Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sunshine Sisters Got Hattitude!

“Diane has a vision in her mind that comes out through her hands.” ~ Eileen Eck

Fourteen members of the Sunshine Sisters women’s group of Marco Island gathered at Diane Shagott’s Hats to Di For workshop to learn about the art of hat making. Diane is a couture milliner – one who makes ladies hats from scratch and every stitch by hand.

As a girl growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Diane always loved hats. Diane is an engineer by education and as a kid she was always creating things. As an avid sewer, she wanted to learn how to make hats. While Diane was living in Atlanta, she googled where to take a class in hat making. She found a woman who trained in Australia, who was currently living in Wilmington, North Carolina, but was going to be in Atlanta in two weeks to teach a class. Diane attended that class and she has been creating couture hats for the last 14 years.

She remembered her first hat. It was a black and white big brim asymmetrical hat with a nice sweep to the brim and she wore it to the Kentucky Derby. She kept it for a long time, then she sold it.

Diane told the women that hats should be fun! Her first-time customers would often say, “I don’t look good in a hat.” Diane would reply back, “You haven’t met the right hat.” New customers usually don’t want anything too “crazy.” But for their return visit, they often would say, “I should have gone bigger with more personality.” Their Hattitude increased with their second selection!

Diane considers the shape of a woman’s face; length of her neck and width of her shoulders; her height and color of her hair and the outfit for the occasion. Is it an outdoor or indoor event? Will it be a sit down luncheon? For the Kentucky Derby Diane would say, GO BIG or GO HOME!

Diane’s goal is to complete a woman’s outfit so people are going to say, “Wow, you look fantastic!” They are not going to remember your shoes – but they are going to remember your hat!

Caryle Herr would “definitely consider wearing one of Diane’s hats for her upcoming grandson’s wedding” and would have full trust in Diane’s creativity.

“I felt very glamorous trying on the various hats at the shop,” Caryle exclaimed.

Denise Rose came away with an appreciation of the artistic detail involved with the making of one hat. And, “When it is done, there will not be another one like it.”

According to Diane Shagott, “When you put on a hat, it changes your whole personality. Your posture gets straight, you get a little more sophisticated and confident, and men love women in hats.”

For more information on Diane Shagott’s couture hats, visit her website at:


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