Friday, January 28, 2022

Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island

Book Remarks

“Live mindfully every day and enjoy the beauty of your
surroundings wherever you roam.”

There aren’t many better words to live by than this quote and it’s just one of the gems you will find in “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island” by Dr. Rich Blonna, a unique coffee table book by one of Coastal Breeze’s own columnists!

As a regular reader of “Coastal Breeze News”, you are already familiar with Dr. Blonna and his “Stress Less, Live More” column. In “Sunrise Meditations,” Dr. Blonna pairs well-being with beautiful pictures of, you guessed it, sunrises on Marco. I love the idea of using sunrise as it only reinforces the idea of being awake and aware. There is something calming yet energizing when you watch the sunrise and these photo’s certainly capture that essence. 

There are a lot of things to learn in “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island.” How to be Silent. Centered. How to meditate (whether it be walking meditation or kayaking meditation). How to breathe. Each page offers something new and interesting. They are easy to read and understand but more importantly, they give you the tools needed to bring mindfulness into your life.

I chatted with Dr. Blonna about “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island” and his own journey to mindfulness. Prior to this book he had written non-fiction books, all academic and well researched. It wasn’t until he got into writing about self-help that he started writing in the first person. “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island” gave him the opportunity to do something fun while speaking to what is important to him; the continuation of his lifelong practice of mindfulness and showcasing the island he loves.

“Sunrises connect to my spirit,” he says. “It’s more than just the sun coming up. It envelopes your whole being.” After taking the picture, he lets it tell him what to say about meditation and mindfulness. An important aspect was to make sure that “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island” was less about text and more about images and inspiration. So he took the pictures that resonated with him and then connected the quotes. And connection is a key word here. At one point during our conversation, Dr. Blonna talks about the pitfalls of comparing yourself to societal standards and how important it is to connect yourself to yourself. “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island” not only shows the connection he has with nature and himself but allows us to connect too – with him, with nature and with ourselves. 

We are approaching the holiday season with its hectic schedule and overwhelming responsibilities. There’s never been a better time to stop and learn how to be present than when you are caught up in buying presents. “Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island” makes a great holiday gift for anyone on your list. And that includes you! It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and right here at Sunshine Booksellers, Marco Florist and Keep in Touch.

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