Monday, December 6, 2021

Sunnier & Healthier

Coastal Comments


The news warned us because of COVID that no one would come to Florida, no one would chance going on vacation, and businesses would close, etc., etc. Yes, it is true that some businesses did close, but new ones popped up to fill the needs in areas that were then created. It has been a tough time for everyone, but we’re still plugging along and trying to deal with it. Many of us have lost friends, but we’re doing our best to overcome the terrible losses and move on as best we can. Each day is looking a little sunnier, a bit healthier, and brings a new day. We will overcome! Now we can see the future is brighter. Feels pretty good, and the days are getting brighter as well as the weather is getting nicer. Let’s just hope it stays this nice with breezy, warm weather before the summer gets here. 

*Today I attended a little thank you party to those who helped the Marco Players see a brighter financial day. That darling, special Beverly Dahlstrom is the inspiration and drive behind that group, and it was beautiful to see the pride and happiness the Players brought to the room. They’ve got quite a few great plays coming up, and I’m going to go online and buy season tickets. I so wished I had a nice retirement so I could donate, but I can at least help by buying tickets for this season’s plays. You can too! We met the actors, the playwrights’, the back room crew, the work force…but then again, they all donate their time and talent to entertain us. Even Randy Jones was there in support, bless his heart. Jim & Linda, always there to support the community, were right there in their usual role of support and friendliness. A fun party was had by all. 

*I wanted to mention that the Marco Island Kiwanis Club had to postpone their car show by one week, so it will now be held in the parking lot of NCH Sunday, February 14, 2021 – Valentine’s Day! But aside from taking your sweetie to see the cars, make sure to make that sweetheart feel special by showering them with kindness and hugs. The car show is being held back where we used to have it, at the NCH parking lot rather than at Veteran’s Park. Admission for spectators will be $5, and for cars it is $25 to enter. GET there early to get a good parking spot, but only cars on display are actually allowed inside the parking lot. It will be well marked so all the spectator cars who are there to take a gander at some of those beauties will find a special area for their personal cars, and I’m sure the Kiwanis Club members will direct them to the proper area. The San Marco Knights will be doing the cooking. Hot Dogs and hamburgers will be there to purchase fresh from the fire. Cakes and cookies will be made and sold by the Columbietts, water will be free, as it was donated by Condee’s for all of the attendees. Soft drinks can be purchased. Entrance opens at 9:30 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m. The Kiwanians will be there to help and direct the cars. Thanks to everyone who supports these fine groups! It means a lot, so they can help others. 

*The East Naples Kiwanis Club will be holding a benefit at Stan’s on the same day, Sunday, February 14, 2021, but in the afternoon starting at noon and going till about 4 p.m. The benefit is to help Lely High School buy new football helmets for the players. I had no idea they were so expensive, so on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, we will be holding the benefit and listening to the music at Stan’s. We are SO grateful to Steve and Trish for all they do for the community to help when we need them. Thanks so much folks. Steve, you are just like your Dad Stan. You always reach out to help others, and your “side kick” Trish is right there assisting all the way! I love you guys! You’ve helped so many people, so many clubs, and so many needs in the community, and many people don’t even know you reach out like that. Ah, Valentine’s Day is shining in my eyes for you. 

*The East Naples Civic Association will be holding their regular monthly luncheon on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. at the Player’s Club in Lely Resort. Luncheon is $25 for members. Our speaker will be Susan Takacs, Chief Operating Officer for Physicians Regional Healthcare System. The topic is updates at Physicians Regional, and what is new in cardiology and a COVID-19 update. It sounds like she’ll have a lot to talk about. Next month, we’ll have a new and different topic that people are sure to enjoy! AND if there is a topic that you would like to hear more about, please let us know. Maybe something along the line of new building going on or new businesses, etc. Just tell Jacob Winge, our president, and he’ll get the message to the right person. Our Board meets once a month to discuss the upcoming meeting and current events in East Naples. 

*It’s quite exciting that we have, right here in East Naples, the winner of the ‘Top Chef’! Yes, Chef Asif even beat out Bobby Flay on national TV last year! His restaurant? 21 Spices!! People travel for long distances just to eat at 21 Spices. And you must meet Chef Asif while you are there. Gosh, he’s a nice person! You’ll like him immediately! And if you like spices and Indian food, you’ve found your heaven on earth in 21 Spices! I haven’t mentioned them in a while, but they sure do bring pride to this East Naples Community! 

*Today, as I was driving home for the third time from Marco, I decided to drive down Port au Prince Road. I knew there was a lot of construction going on back there, so I wanted to see for myself. They are building a very nice little community of rather large condo units, it looked like. I could see a club house and a pool in the back, two car garages for each condo unit, plus other condo’s that weren’t quite as big and different garage accommodations. It looked like a nice place going up, and I noticed that one resident’s car was parked in a driveway! They are still building in most other sections and it looked like a few more sections will be built. In the front on Collier Blvd, (a different, very old community has been there a long time), but the back section backs right up to Fiddler’s Creek, so they watched very carefully that the buildings met with their approval, knowing if they didn’t, it would affect their property values. The start of this community looks lovely, and you could see a lot more work is still scheduled, but I was curious, so I thought I’d tell you! 

*Just a heads up! I noticed that 360 Market on Bayshore Drive now has this Coastal Breeze newspaper in newsstands right in their parking lot. I know quite a few residents in that area will find they are very happy to finally have a newspaper they can enjoy that talks about community. Some don’t even talk about local news; others never talk about the community the newspaper “lives in”. 



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