Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Summertime is Health Care Time

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To Your Health

Scott Lowe 

Market CEO,
Physicians Regional Healthcare System

As much as I enjoy seeing my friends when they return for “ Season,”  there’s something special about the summer months in Southwest Florida. Though our“ summer”  seems to extend over six months, when the weather map shows 110 degrees in locations up north, we are typically 15 degrees cooler—and surrounded by water!

More than anything, summertime enables my family and me to enjoy “ easy access”—the opportunity to take full advantage of our area’s amenities without the traffic, lines, crowds and delays. This benefit applies to beaches, restaurants, movie theatres, local “ tourist”  destinations, and yes, to health care.

With the slower pace and the shorter wait times, the summer months are the perfect time to re-evaluate—and get caught up on—your physician-related health care needs.

For example, it’s recommended that those over 50 years old complete an annual physical—something that can be hard to pull off with the demands on our schedules from October through May. So why not be proactive and take care of
that now?

And though our children may not like to think about it yet, the new school year will be here before we know it. In many cases, that signals a need for school physicals. This includes the required school-entry and annual sports physicals. Why wait? Do it now.

One of the advantages of Physicians Regional-Marco Island’s Walk-In Clinic is built right into the name—“ walk in.” Our clinic is staffed by board-certified physicians and experienced nurses who offer quality health care without a long wait.

If you are experiencing symptoms that typically take you across the bridge to a primary-care physician, why not stay right here and “ walk-in”  to see Dr. Laura Nowosielski, Dr. Mary Anne Farris or nurse practitioner Janet Ferro?

For example, we often see patients with upper respiratory infections, sprained ankles and wrists, lower back pain, and lacerations, just to name a few.

For those whose job takes them out on the road, Dr. Nowosielski is also one of the few physicians in Southwest Florida to be Department of Transportation
(DOT) certified.

If you prefer the water, Physicians Regional-Marco Island can address the medical requirements of those who wish to obtain their captain’s license, too.

Our state-of-the-art Marco facility is not only convenient, but offers a twofold approach to addressingyour health care needs. The above-mentioned walk-in clinic, open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM–noon,is ideal to address your non-urgent care needs.

Conversely, we also offer appointment-based medical care in a variety of specialties.

Located at the corner of Barfield Drive and San Marco Road, Physicians Regional-Marco Island offers access to specialists in:

• Family Medicine/Pediatrics

• Cardiology

• Gastroenterology

• Physical Therapy

• Pulmonology & Critical Care Medicine 

We also provide convenient, on-site lab services. You can get your blood drawn here and have your results sent to the medical facility of your choice. The same can be said for our on-site x-ray

Luckily, for our friends and neighbors in nearby Hammock Bay, Fiddler’s Creek and Isles of Capri, the bridges to Marco go in two directions. Our Marco Island location also provides a tremendous benefit to those who live off the island as well.

Though we South Floridians place a huge emphasis on our fun in the sun, as Benjamin Franklin so wisely stated, “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Why put off until tomorrow what is so readily available to you today?

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 239-394-1670. 

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