Monday, December 6, 2021

Summertime in the Everglades

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Photos by Savannah Oglesby


Summertime is on the horizon and even though it is definitely the hottest season in Florida, it’s a personal favorite of mine. This year we haven’t received much rain from spring but everything around us continues to grow green and happy. 

Nothing can beat the feeling of being home for the summer. My family and I spend a lot of our summer days going out into the Ten Thousand Islands to fish or walk around one of the islands. Our dock is only a short five-minute walk away from home and the views on the way are truly wonderful. Usually when you step out of the door and walk down the driveway an osprey will interrupt your train of thought by screeching into the air. Looking over to where the osprey is perched you soon realize why it’s so alert. Across from it is another osprey on top of our pole in the backyard chowing down on a fish for lunch. The other osprey must be asking if he could have a share of the meal. The skies are crystal blue, and above there are no clouds in the sky for miles. That is until you look far into the distance to see the bright as cotton cumulus clouds slowly making their way to your position. As the walk begins there are no vehicles on the road around you except the occasional golf cart with a fellow local smiling and waving from the driver’s seat. Our neighbors’ homes reflect brightly from the sun to show their bright colors. Hibiscus flowers begin to show off their spectral colors of yellow, pink, red, and orange, and the poinciana trees are in full bloom covering yards with red and orange carpet. I always love looking up into the sky to see if I can see an airplane flying high above my little piece of paradise. Usually, they’re pointed in the direction of Miami, I imagine the excitement on the passengers faces as they realize they’re nearing their vacation destination.

Photos by Savannah Oglesby

Another amazingly beautiful thing about summers in the everglades is the breeze. Although the humidity may be brutal there is always a slight breeze flowing through the area coming from the Ten Thousand Islands. One of my favorite sounds is when my mom and I are rocking on our front porch and the breeze glides by us and through her windchimes. The beautiful sounds the chimes make as they clink together in unity are so relaxing. Nature’s music is far better than any. Another spot that I love listening to the wind is on the side of the road along highway 41. The blissful sound of the summer wind caressing the sawgrass as it sways easily back and forth is so soothing. The blades crashing together from the wind creates a crisp tune that pairs perfectly during the golden afternoons where the sun gleams against the Sabal palmetto hammocks. 

I try to focus on at least one thing a day during the summer that brings me closer to nature and makes me appreciate the little things in life. The seasons change quickly and go by in a blink, so try and find something about each one that makes you enjoy the days. You’ll grow an even better appreciation for the natural world around you. 

I also wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to our first fundraiser for the Bank of Everglades Building on April 17, 2021. The fundraiser was such a huge success that we have other exciting news to share. On Saturday, May 29, the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation will be offering an exclusive tour of the Bank of Everglades building, where participants can explore the entire building while learning about its history in more depth. The event will begin at 11:30 AM at the Rod and Gun Club located across from the bank building in Everglades City. Here participants will enjoy drinks while listening to an illustrated history presentation, followed by a delicious lunch overlooking the Barron River before wandering over to the Bank of Everglades for their guided tour. Participants will receive souvenirs to make it a day they’ll always remember, which includes a limited-edition print of the Bank of Everglades by artist Donald Sunshine, a signed copy of the new “Brief History” book by author Marya Repko, and a vibrant Everglades City tote bag filled with other goodies. If you’re captivated by the history of this area, you won’t want to miss this event. To sign up for the event, go to to register on Eventbrite. The tour is limited to ten people so if you happen to miss out on this month’s event don’t fret. We will be doing a few more over the course of the summer, so you can enjoy the blissful summer days in the glades with the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation at the Bank of Everglades. If you have any questions, you can contact us by emailing For more information on the restoration of the Bank of Everglades visit our website,


Photos by Savannah Oglesby

Submitted | Everglades Society for Historic Preservation.


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