Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Summertime Fun



Donna Fiala

The Marco Island Fireworks were the best I’ve ever seen on Marco! They were truly amazing! Brian & Shirlee Barcic and the whole Barcic clan from Pennsylvania through Georgia were there, plus their great friends Larry & Annette Garafoli and Jose & Andrea Lima. We all agreed these fireworks were the best ones ever! Thank you to all who made this possible for all of us to see and celebrate our Freedom because of those who gave us that freedom. Along with the planned Fireworks, Mother Nature also demonstrated her ability to join in with the “dance of the lightning” running simultaneously. Then the green and the red drones were there to give us something else to look at in case we didn’t have enough entertainment in the sky. Standing on the 10th floor of the Duchess, we were able to view the finishing touch – boats with red, green and white lights dotting the water in spectacular patterns. The beauty could never be captured on film.

* Speaking of lightning, the other night Tim and Shelby Brandon and I went to dine at Eurasia, getting there around 6PM. The Marco people were there in full force, with Rebecca and Neil Snyder waiting for the birthday boy Stan Niemczyk to celebrate with his wonderful wife Donna, and of course wherever there is a good party you can guess that Lou & Barb Prigge will be there (I love her hugs!). The restaurant hadn’t filled up yet when there was a crack of lightening so loud that some even screamed – especially with the huge bolt of fire that came from the electric transformer box out front, which then blackened the whole shopping center. The parking lot was flooded up to the front bumper of my car, and the rain still kept pouring down, so we all just sat there and talked with the other tables of people while they passed out a few candles, even though their emergency lights had kicked in. Eurasia had to close the restaurant because they need to have exhaust fans to cook (they cook with gas) and light to see what they’re doing. According to Eddie, they lost about 70 customers that evening. This was Tim and Shelby’s first time there, so we vowed to come back and actually eat there next time! But all in all, it was a memorable night and we found another place to eat close by.

* This past Sunday, July 5th was the last day for a couple of months that Stan’s on Goodland was open for business. The place was jammed, as always, with people looking to let their hair down and have a fun day without having to look business-like. In other words, dress any way you please and enjoy a free spirit. Bryan and Rondi Hauser were there, along with Fire Chief Mike Murphy (who was drinking water) and his brother. The place was jumping and so were the dancers. Queen Mary was there in all her “splendor”. I just love that gal! The band was great! Everyone enjoyed them immensely. And Steve, wonderful Steve Gober, Stan’s son who now runs Stan’s – enjoyed the day and all of his friends. He made sure to say hi to everyone he could greet. You always feel welcome at Stan’s. But for now they will have a little rest and relaxation till October.

* I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with most of your City Councilmen a couple times this year in my office on Marco, and it was very pleasant indeed. I will continue to set up appointments with them just to keep in touch. A camaraderie is gained when you meet and discuss issues. We will continue to do that from here on in. I learn a lot, and hopefully they do to.

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