Monday, October 25, 2021

Summertime and easy livin’

Barry Gwinn on his sailboat. Submitted photos

Barry Gwinn on his sailboat. Submitted photos

By Joanie Fuller

If you are a “year rounder” you are ready to be left alone, aren’t you? You are ready for us snowbirds to disappear so you can do what you want, when you want. No big traffic jams, no long lines anywhere, just downright easy livin’.

I used to stay here all year, but then my husband suggested we buy a summer place in Alaska, so it won’t be long before we say “bye, bye” for a while. It is fun way up there, but I tell you I do miss palm trees, mangoes, thunderstorms and my friends who stay here.

One of my good friends loves to garden and she can be seen doting over her roses and orchids. She has a gorgeous prize winning rose named “Veteran’s Honor”. Summers are a bit hot for roses here, but my friend manages to keep them going. Actually she has all kinds of plants in her garden from lilies and pineapples to orchids and

Veteran’s Honor Rose.

Veteran’s Honor Rose.

geraniums. But what interests me most is her mango tree. You see, she ships me some of those delicious, succulent gems all the way to Alaska. Talk about being envied! My summer neighbors clamor for a taste of a real Goodland mango. Nothing better!

Another friend of mine, Barry Gwinn, is a sailor and he goes out in his boat every chance he gets. He has been sailing for years and I think he loves the solitude and beauty of our tropical paradise. Barry told me a funny story about how he found his boat. “I acquired the “Oh No” from a seller in Dunedin whose wife refused to sail with him after he capsized the boat with her and two other passengers aboard. As the boat was going over, they all cried, “Oh no”! The guy tried to make light of it by naming the boat “Oh No.” Barry added, “The wife wasn’t buying it, so I did.”

Well, here’s a little secret

Mangoes Galore.

Mangoes Galore.

just between you and me. I haven’t yet asked Barry if he has ever had a capsizing incident. I’m scared to. What if he said, “Yes”? Then, how would I answer? Guess!

Now back to our subject at hand, whatever Goodlanders do in the summertime is relaxing I am sure. Some miss their snowbird friends, but Goodland is the absolute perfect place to enjoy a summer of fishing, boating, sunning, reading or gardening. Just plain easy livin’. Don’t ya think?

And by the time September rolls around and the Alaskan days are getting shorter and cooler, I am ready to get back to the tropics. I’ll reconnect with my “year rounder” friends and ask them, “How was your summer?” And they will answer, “We missed you but we enjoyed our quiet time.” And then they will add, “There’s nothin’ better, you know, than summer in Goodland”.

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 47 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.


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