Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Summertime Activities and More


The Military Officers Association of Southwest Florida recently held a JROTC Awards Dinner at the Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club on Davis Boulevard, which was very well attended. The families of each cadet came to cheer them on and to cheer for them! There were eight high school cadets who received an award, and the one from our area of Collier County was Cadet Isabel Muguerza from Lely High School, and what an outstanding choice she was! Her proud family sat with her and invited me to sit with them, along with one of the military officers’ wives. These young people were all so impressive. It makes your heart sing just to see the quality of these potential military officers! They will go far.

  • It’s seldom I read the sports section except when it comes to pickleball, but for some reason I read the May 21st edition and learned that a young man from Nigeria who attends Lely High School and who never played football, and never had an interest in the game, was spotted by a former Lely coach named Fritz Jacques, who thought the young man had great potential, even though he didn’t know the game and didn’t know anything about football, but the student was very smart and worked hard. Mr. Jacques approached him and learned Kenneth Anyaehie was not even familiar with the game. He is studying to be an attorney, and is totally focused on that goal. Through much encouragement, and some trials and errors, and during the spring game at the end of his sophomore year, something clicked and although I don’t know the game well, I learned that Kenneth became one of the biggest “play-makers” on defense. Move to the bottom line and Kenneth was accepted to Temple University as a preferred walk-on for football, and Temple has a great law program, which is what Kenneth was looking for. It will be fun to look for his name in the sports section to see where he goes from here. I’m sure his parents are very proud of this focused young man!
  • Recently someone told me that the Pro-Watercross Water Sports at Sugden Park won’t be taking place any longer, so I checked with our Tourism Department, and they said absolutely NOT! They grow more popular every year, and we wouldn’t want to lose them. So, if you heard the rumor, it’s not true. This exciting sporting event with boats on a huge lake at Sugden Park will continue on, so there you have it!
  • If you are looking for something to do during the summer, where it is cool and interesting, go to the Marco Island Historical Museum, Recently I took a group there to see how Marco Island began, and they were amazed! Did you know that Marco Island was discovered over 6,000 years ago? The first Indians that arrived were called the Muspas. They lived here for about 1,000 years, and then the Calusas arrived and stayed for another 5,000 years. Then… hey wait a minute… come by the museum and bring your kids and grandkids. It’s free, it’s cool, they have a gift shop, the people are friendly, and you’ll learn the rest of the story! It’s amazing to see all the displays and artifacts they have in the museum. The history continues through the Mackle Brothers and up to present day. The kids love seeing the Indians, and, oh yes, the gift shop! Everyone I’ve taken out to see the museum was impressed with how much information is stored there and how friendly the people are. And of course the “Marco Cat” is on display, always guarded by security while it is here on loan from the Smithsonian. It’s really impressive.
  • Many people continue to inquire about “Washboard Road,” you know – Collier Blvd/951 from Fiddler’s to the Jolley Bridge. This is the latest news from FDOT, understanding that sometimes the latest news doesn’t always happen at that time, and the news changes. So here is the present day news. The contract was executed on 4/29/19 and anticipated to receive the Notice to Proceed on 5/28/19, which is the first day the contractor is authorized to proceed. The project should take 120 days to complete if all goes well and rain doesn’t become a deterrent. They hope to finish towards the end of September 2019. The improvements under this contract consist of milling and resurfacing, base work, shoulder treatment, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalk, guardrail, sheet pile wall, signing and pavement marking, signalization, and lighting on State Rd. 951 from north of the Judge Jolley Bridge, northerly approximately 3.031 miles to south of Fiddler’s Creek Parkway. So there you have it, directly from the Planning Specialist/Community Liaison Victoria Peters of FDOT.
  • Every so often someone asks if there are any volunteer positions available at the county. Here are a couple you might enjoy: Animal Services Advisory Board has one vacancy in the category of Humane Society representative and another for citizen at large: Flood Plain Management Planning Committee: Conservation Collier Land Acquisition Advisory Committee: Educational Facilities Authority: Historic/Archaeological Preservation Board: and Public Transit Advisory Committee, in case you’d like to investigate any of these ideas. For further information call Wanda at 239-252-8400 or www.colliergov.net/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=25235. You might find this interesting!
  • Oh yes… and we always need life guards for the county swimming pools! We REALLY need them! Call 239-252-8400 and let them know that is what you would like to do.
  • Our family just had a spectacular family birthday party celebration – a camping weekend for family and friends! It was my son’s greatest wish for his 60th birthday to have the whole family come together on a camping trip (“You too, Mom”) and yes, I went! We couldn’t have had a more wonderful weekend. Even the friends he graduated with from Lely High School joined him for his 60th celebration, and they still hang around together! All five of my kids went to Lely. In fact, my daughter was in the first graduating class from Lely! She started when they had half-sessions at Naples High School and then switched over to full time classes when the semester changed, and their class moved to Lely in January 1975.

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