Monday, January 17, 2022

Summer: the Time to Gain?




Crystal Manjarres

or those of you who have been following my fit pregnancy journey, here is a recent update: I am now going to prenatal appointments twice a month and while I was shocked that I had gained five pounds last month, I was in for an even bigger surprise this time! Throughout my journey thus far, I had gained one pound, then two pounds a month, then one month three pounds, then last month five pounds—my midwife said that the baby went through a growth spurt and he’ll be putting on those last layers of fat this trimester—so be ready for more weight!

I was shocked that in two weeks I had gained four more pounds! The good news is that I don’t feel it and that baby boy and I are right on track. I’ve still got plenty of time to gain the recommended twenty-five to thirty pounds before labor day and I have to say that I’m enjoying every morsel.

I also want to note that I feel pretty fantastic! I know that my healthy diet and daily workouts have been keen in this— and I know that they will also play an even bigger role on delivery day.

On another note, I’m sure everyone has noticed that the weather has been funky lately—either cold, rainy, foggy, or hot. This is annoying to some and a welcome treat for others. I say use this opportunity to change up your workouts. It will soon become brutally hot outside! I for one have been baking whenever I take my afternoon walks and am starting to consider a cool dip in the pool instead. I also used to spin on a regular basis and (due to my growing baby bump) have now switched over to the elliptical. I also have noticed that the bigger I become, the less stability I seem to have, so I have incorporated balancing exercises into my fitness routine. It keeps my body guessing, my mind alert, and prevents me from getting bored!

If your body has been doing the same activity for the past few months now, shake things up! Switch activities altogether if the weather is preventing you from enjoying your current activity, or add in some other types of exercises to reap the benefits of cross-training. For example, if you play tennis five days a week, try adding in some weight training on two of the five days, or if it is too hot to play golf, try a water sport like kayaking or paddle boarding to work your muscles in a new way. The possibilities are endless! I’m a huge advocate of lifting weights, for you are only as strong as your weakest area—cardio alone will not give you muscle or help you to prevent injury. If you do not feel comfortable lifting on your own, contact a seasoned professional to get you started.

If you find yourself doing consistent repetitive motions, consider doing Pilates. Pilates helps balance out those smaller, weaker muscles as well as overpowering bigger muscles that take over. Any sport can wreak havoc on the body and too much of a good thing can create a bad thing (like an injury). Pilates will restore balance to the body as well as improve flexibility, mobility, core strength, and stability.

Why not make this summer the time to gain? Gain a better body, more strength, more flexibility, and a whole new outlook this season. You’ll be so glad that you did. If you need any guidance, I’m just an email away:


Crystal Manjarres is the owner of One-On-One Fitness, a private personal training and Pilates studio for men and women on Marco Island. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Stott Pilates certified instructor. Her focus is “Empowering men and women of all shapes and sizes”. To send in a question, email She can also be reached at or and 239-333-5771.

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