Saturday, November 27, 2021

Summer Swing



By Jim Curran 

The Island Country Club hosts part two of “summer swing” intra-island tennis social series ~ another rousing success!

On a sunny Friday morning, August 19, the Island Country Club courts were packed with players from the four major tennis facilities on the island. Over 40 players took part in the second phase of this newly organized summer tennis social series that includes the Island Country Club, the Hideaway Beach Club, the Racquet Center and the YMCA Tennis Center. Players rated 3.5 and



3.0 levels of play combined in a mixed doubles format to play tennis and enjoy the camaraderie of each other.

Howie and Wendy Burnett, Tennis Center Directors for the Island Country Club were Friday’s hosts. They organized a full program of tennis, rotating sets among the women and men and among both levels of play. They also supplied plenty of snacks, fruit, coffee and juice for those who participated. The crowd loved it and



everyone met new friends and got a good workout. The Island Country Club has a new court under construction and shortly will have five for future intra- island events.

“Summer Swing” was organized by Jim Curran and Brock Wilson, of the YMCA tennis committee, to develop a closer relationship among folks who love tennis and to encourage more interaction among the four island clubs. The Island Country Club session is part two of a



four part program that includes the four largest tennis clubs on the island. The Hideaway Beach Club Tennis Coordinator, Eric Manring, hosted the July event for part one. The Island Country Club hosted part two for August.

Coming soon on September 15th the YMCA will be the host; Paul Barrus, Tennis Director, and finally, in October the Racquet Center, Alex Galiana, Director, will invite all the players to its event.

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