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Summer Rental



By Diane Bostick

Author: Mary Kay Andrews

Published by St. Martins Press

New York, 2011

O.K. It’s summer and every part of your body, including your brain, is fried beyond recognition and the only thing you want to do is sit somewhere shady and cool, drink in hand, and read something that requires no actual thought what-so-ever. This is the perfect book, a “chick flick” on paper. If you want to stir your mind at all you might have the fun of imagining which movie stars could best play the three long time friends living for a month together in an old and tattered beach house at Nag’s Head. Would Reese Witherspoon portray Ellis best, or should it be Jennifer Anniston? Perhaps Dorie should be played by Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts? Might be fun to have several of your friends read this too, then have a beach party, spark it up with a couple of cold drinks that involve glasses with little umbrellas in them and come up with a complete Hollywood cast for all of the characters in this novel, including the men.

The guy who lives in the garage apartment is described as a real hunk and quickly captures the heart of Ellis who hasn’t been in love with anyone for years and is ready to take the plunge. She has just been “downsized” from her job at the bank and has been trying to figure out where life will take her next. Dorie thought she had the perfect marriage and has only recently found out her husband is not what she thought he was and is still reeling from that information. To add to her confusion she has only recently found out that she is pregnant. Julia has a wonderful man in her life who wants to marry her, settle down, buy a house and raise a family but she isn’t sure she

Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews

is ready for that step. She has been a glamorous model most of her adult life and although she is still gorgeous she feels she has reached an age where she is not as desirable in the modeling industry as she once was. And then there is Maryn, a young woman who Dorie met at the ice cream store, who is running away from a husband who abused her and she has just found out was stealing huge amounts of money from the company he worked for. She is very much in hiding and introduces herself as “Madison.” Dorie hears her asking the counterman where she could find a motel to stay in and invites her to join her and her friends as a paid guest at their beach house. They have an extra room and badly need the money to pay for their month at the beach.

It turns out that their landlord, from whom they rented the house, and only know by the name Mr. Culpepper via emails back and forth, is actually the hunk living in the garage. He is frantically doing everything he can think of to save Ebbtide from foreclosure.

Will Ellis find a new job or true love?  What will happen to Dorie and her new baby?

Will Julia discover there is more to life than a career? Will Madison manage to escape from the clutches of her abusive husband? Will Ebbtide be saved from foreclosure? Tune in next week to find out. Oh, I almost forgot. This is a book and you have it in your hands and you don’t have to wait to find out the conclusion. Just keep sipping on that cold drink and reading to quickly find out the answers to all those heart wrenching questions. What a lovely idea.

This isn’t Shakespeare. It’s just a Chick Flick book but it’s a fun way to while away a hot summer day. Mary Kay Andrews has written seven other novels.

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