Sunday, October 24, 2021

Summer News



Donna Fiala

My goodness, it’s awfully warm out there, but we have a beautiful paradise to enjoy.

*Very soon we should start seeing the installation of landscaping along the 951 median connecting Mainsail Dr. to Fiddler’s Creek. No sooner will they finish that section than we again apply to the FDOT for another grant to continue the process until we finish the project all the way to U.S. 41 E. With the summer rains, the landscaping should take hold easily once the project starts.

*You might have noticed that a few of our favorite restaurants are closing for the summer. Eurasia will close until September while the family visits both of their families. They work so hard. I’m sure they are grateful for a little rest and relaxation but we will miss their marvelous food until the Fall.

• Also closing for two months is Mike Ward’s Erin’s Isle on Rattlesnake Hammock Rd. They were dancing and singing right through Saturday, July 2nd, and for the summer they will have an abbreviated food selection that can be cooked on a grill.

• A new restaurant opened in East Naples in the Towne Centre, called The Coupe, for daytime dining – breakfast and lunch only. The have a huge menu and the atmosphere feels like a neighborhood restaurant should. The service seems to be a little slow, but hopefully they will figure that out before season. The food is good, and they have many things you don’t see on other menus. Greek food is prevalent throughout the menu. This is a nice time to try new things, so go on over and enjoy.

• The County Parks & Rec Department has announced that a new dog park has opened at Golden Gate Community Park on Recreation Drive off Santa Barbara. The Parks & Rec Department went to the children at Caloosa Park Elementary School for suggestions to name the park and the winning name is “Paws Park”! Cute little name, eh? The park has water fountains for dogs, picnic tables, benches, recycling containers, and separate spaces for large dogs and small dogs.

• The Botanical Garden is holding many summer events for families and children, plus lectures on plants and care of gardens, etc. If you have not been to the Garden recently, you will be surprised at all the changes! And that area is about to change as well, because 37 acres across from the Garden has just been purchased for $8 million, and will be the location for a lovely condominium complex with all the amenities. While we’re thinking of the Bayshore area, a new Craft Beer “garden” will be starting to build soon in the old Small Engine World store (no impact fees on older buildings). That should be a lot of fun with indoor & outdoor dining and music. Oh, by the way, the area across the street from the 37 acres, and across from Del’s, has also been sold to another condominium developer. Both of these developers are planning for some very nice communities. Also, along Bayshore and Thomasson are cute new cottages being built here and there. Lots of stuff will be happening in that area in the coming months and years. That area sure needed some tender loving care, and it is now being recognized as the new and coming area for redevelopment. The changes have taken a long time, but then again, they had a long way to go from what it used to be, but slowly, ever so slowly, the area is beginning to take on a new face (too slowly for me) and a new identity. It’s taken a lot of time, a lot of work, a lot of teamwork, dreams, hopes, and imagination to move forward, but it is happening. It was said that nothing could ever change in that area, but most people have been surprised when they first eat at “360 Market”. What an outstanding tiny restaurant that is! People come from all parts of the County to eat there! Soon they will be opening a Food Truck operation across the canal that people are excited about. “360 Market” has a marvelous wine selection, homemade pasta, fresh salads, fresh top quality sandwiches, and the pastries are yummy good. If you haven’t been there, now is the time to try, but they are closed on Monday & Tuesday so call ahead to investigate days and times. The parking lot is filled with BMW’s, Mercedes and exotic cars, so you can tell the connoisseurs have found the place.

Hopefully you are enjoying your summer and finding plenty of things to keep you busy, even if it is just cleaning out closets and drawers that really need it.

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