Thursday, December 2, 2021

Summary of Sea Turtle Violations

Sea Turtle Weekly Update

Photo by Maria Lamb | According to the Sea Turtle Weekly Update from Collier County, Marco Island has a reported 11 disorientations out of 67 hatched nests or about 16%. For the County as a whole (ten beaches), 38 disorientations from a total of 1,279 hatched nests represent an overall 3% rate. Marco’s rate is more than five times the county-wide average of 3% hatched nest disorientations.

Below is a summary of the sea turtle lighting violations that appeared on the September’s docket of the Code Enforcement Magistrate. 

City of Marco Island vs. Marco Hotel LLC – Case # 20-1218 – 400 S Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145 – Sea Turtle Protection 

According to Marcus Borman, Resident Manager for JW Marriott and Jamie Bowden, Director of Beach Experience, routine beach cleanups are done by the entire resort staff. They have a beach sweep at 9 PM with the last one scheduled for 10 PM. JW also has instituted quarterly beach cleanups with the last one held on September 7th and a forthcoming December 14th morning beach clean-up. For this Notice of Violation dated August 4th, at 9 PMseveral towels were found by CSO Andy Lindenmuth by the waters’ edge. On June 17th, umbrellas and towels were left on the beach and JW was given a warning. Fine: One time fine of $100, no fees and costs.  

City of Marco Island vs. The Surf Club of Marco – Case # 20-1219 – 540 S Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145 – Sea Turtle Protection 

According to CSO Andy Lindenmuthon August 4 at 9:05 PM on the beachside, he observed balcony lighting to be on and in violation and showed picturesProperty has had a prior violation back in 2019 on August 29The Assistant Manager of Surf Club appeared and described their proactive measures that included the following: check-in process with sea turtle lighting information, showed photos of elevators marked with additional information, sea turtle information on refrigerator doorssecurity officer on duty walks the boardwalk nightly to check lightings and they have turtle tint on hurricane doors. Fine: One time fine of 250 and no fees and costs. 

City of Marco Island vs. South Seas Tower 4 – Case # 20-1600 – 440 Seaview Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145 – Sea Turtle Protection 

On August 18 at 9:34 PM from the beachside, CSO Andy Lindenmuth observed an interior light in the Southside center of property 2 floors from the roof and issued a Notice of Violation. On July 7 of the same year, 2020, the property was issued a warning. No property owner was presentFine: One time fine of $250 with $50 for fees and costs. 

City of Marco Island vs. Tradewinds Condo Association – Case # 20-1601 – 180 Seaview Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145 – Sea Turtle Protection  

On August 18 at 9:46 PM, CSO Andy Lindenmuth observed an exterior light on the ground floor by the pool area which is not compliant and issued a Notice of Violation. This is the 4th violation and the property owner was not present. Fine: One time fine of $1000 with $50 in fees and costs. 


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