Monday, November 29, 2021

Style your wedding

Cake Design by Edda and gown by Chic Parisien.

Cake Design by Edda and gown by Chic Parisien.

By Xiomara Martinez

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Every bride wants her wedding to be special, but this year’s wedding trends take things a step further by encouraging brides-to-be to incorporate their own style, culture and ethnicity as wedding decor with traditional gowns, cake designs and flower arrangements.

Whether it’s using sequins, beads, or luxurious jewel colors to add rich texture to an Indian-or Moroccan-inspired table, mixing fabrics like organza and silk, or choosing an historic landmark, lakeside park or even a beautiful backyard as a setting for the big day, today’s bride has free rein to showcase her glorious personality.


Avant Gardens and AB Cover Designers.

Avant Gardens and AB Cover Designers.

simple to extravagant flower centerpieces, lots of candles to colorful shoes, brides are only limited by their imaginations. This is the time for any bride to showcase her distinctive élan by blending non-traditional elements with the time-honored ones to create a wedding uniquely hers.

Brides, you want to get the most return on your investment and still make your wedding the unforgettable event of your dreams.

Do you go for glamour, revel in romance or picture yourself barefoot on the beach? Whether understated or elegant, simple or sophisticated, your wedding will be memorable and cost-efficient with well-planned wedding décor.


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