Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Students Tour Water Facility

First graders completed a fun scavenger hunt after the tours. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

First graders completed a fun scavenger hunt after the tours. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Samantha Husted

On October 29, the City of Marco Island Utilities hosted a guided tour of their facilities for a group of first graders from the First Baptist Academy in Naples. The teacher chaperoning the event was Danielle Bockus.

The water and wastewater operators spoke with the children about water production— where it comes from, how it’s cleaned and how to conserve it. The children were then given a presentation on the wastewater system, where they learned the process of how water goes from individual homes all the way to the plant. The first graders were able to look through microscopes at water samples and see bacteria, touch and hold examples



of filters and learn how water and wastewater is connected to the environment. “The class asked many good questions,” said engineering technician Brittany Lazo. “They were very interested in why and how we conserve water.”

Brittany then gave the class a tour of the North Water Treatment Plant, followed by a shorter tour of some of the plant buildings at the Reclaimed Water Production Facility. Before the end of the tour the children had to complete a scavenger hunt where they were asked to identify the different color pipes, symbols and tanks around the plant. Afterwards, the children ate snacks and were able to ask more questions.

Overall it was a fun day for all.




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