Monday, October 25, 2021

Students Plan Demonstration

At a recent March for Our Lives: Road to Change press conference, Collier Students for Change announced and encouraged participation in their upcoming “Die In” to be held on August 6th at 1 PM at the Wells Fargo on 5th Ave in Naples.

“Wells Fargo has been funding the NRA, U.S. firearm, and ammunition companies. We are having a ‘Die In’ at 1 PM on August 6th at the Wells Fargo on 5th Ave. You are encouraged to get a Sharpie and write on your shirt in all caps NO NRA MONEY. We will go in there and lie on the floor. We face the risk of being arrested, but we are willing to take it; because I think being arrested is better than sitting in class and having the thought, ‘Is this the day I’m going to die,’ ” expresses Collier Students for Change activist Michaela O’Brien.

For more information about Collier Students for Change, find them on Facebook at Collier Students for Change or

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