Thursday, December 9, 2021

STOP – Before you vote for Marco Island City Council Candidates



Just a few comments from my personal point of view – I do not like candidates banding together in a pack of four. Each candidate should stand on his or her own merit and should not even suggest to voters that the right and just thing to do is to vote for the pack of four.

I suspect there are people on the Island who worked to put this group together with the motive to manipulate and control the pack of four when making decisions that affect the citizens of Marco Island.

All eight candidates should be individually vetted and voted for on their backgrounds, volunteer commitments, and dedication to many hours of work required by being on City Council.

Another concern I have is the nasty emails circling the Island supporting the pack of four with negative comments regarding the other candidates. Do not fall for this trap! Open comments made within the pack of four is that the City Manager has overstepped his role and needs to go. City Manager Hernstadt is the best this Island has seen and I will personally fight to retain him. He has saved the City of Marco Island money with the Bucket List; just one of the many items to his credit.

I expect the four candidates (not the pack of four) that win the election to be honest, respectable, and devoted citizens that are willing to work co-operatively together.

Please take the initiative to get to know the incumbents, Petricca, Honecker and new candidates Kramer and Dr. Gerald Swiacki.

Litha S. Berger

Marco Island 

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