Thursday, October 21, 2021

Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers Offers A-to-Z Building & Design

Submitted Photos | The staff at Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers includes Brandon Stonebreaker (left), Cole Stonebreaker, Felipe Castillo, Bob Oklapek, Jennifer Stonebreaker, Scott Stonebreaker, Alexandra Farber, Jennifer Haack and Juan Leon.

Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers is a one-stop shop for those looking to build a new home or update their current residence.

Located in the heart of the island’s business district, the custom-home builder is a family run operation with a scope that extends far beyond the expected construction services. Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers also includes in-house interior and cabinetry design, and a large, well-stocked showroom at its storefront along North Collier Boulevard.

“We focus on everything from the design to the build to the completion of everything, including decorating and furnishings,” said Scott Stonebreaker, who owns the business along with his wife, Jennifer, who has a background in decorating.

The Stonebreaker method is truly A-to-Z.

“When we meet with people, we usually start before they even have plans,” said Scott Stonebreaker. “Whether it’s a new house or a remodel, they’re just starting to think about it. So we’ll walk them through the design phase and then through the construction phase and then if they’re up for it, the furnishing and decorating phase.”

Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers started doing business on Marco Island eight years ago, while the company and the Stonebreaker family were still based at their former home of suburban Chicago.

The Stonebreakers began doing business on the island by renovating one home at a time to then sell.

“The first one we did, we fixed it up; my wife’s a decorator and she did the decorating and design,” Scott Stonebreaker explained. “She came down for spring break and a realtor friend said, ‘Can we show it?’ We said, ‘Sure, but it’s not really for sale yet.’ He said, ‘Well, they just want to look at the decorating because they want some ideas.’ So they came in and literally made us an offer that day, even though they were looking at a condo at the time. And it was more than we thought we’d get for it. So we said, ‘We need to be down here doing business,’ because in Illinois, the market tanked and it has slowly come back. But when it comes to real estate, it’s tough because Illinois has the highest real estate taxes in the country.”

Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers also offers in-house interior and cabinetry design.

The Stonebreakers and their sons, Brandon and Cole, 15, moved to Marco in 2015 and shifted the company’s operations here, as well. Jennifer Stonebreaker home-schools the teens, while also helping out at the business.

The son of a condominium developer, Scott Stonebreaker grew up around the construction business. He earned a degree in construction management from Southern Illinois University in 1995. After working for an Oak Brook, Illinois developer for two years, he started his own company in 1997. He started small and eventually progressed to building subdivisions, custom homes and other large projects in that area.

But that success stalled when the housing bubble burst in late 2008; a time when the company was working in six different subdivisions.

“It took a long time to work those out, but fortunately we worked them all out,” said Scott Stonebreaker. “By the time we were done working them out, that’s about when we decided to take the chance and move down here. You’re kind of starting over anyway, so why not do it here?”

The move also saw the company move their custom carpenters here too, because they are in limited supply in Southwest Florida, he said. He also brought one of the company’s now three interior designers, along, as well.

Scott Stonebreaker has noticed some interesting differences between the clientele encountered in Illinois, as compared to Marco.

“The people that I work with down here, compared to those I worked with up North, it’s usually a second home down here so it’s almost more fun because it’s their vacation home and they want to have fun with it and they’re also not usually living in the home, which makes it a lot easier,” he said.

He said Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers is one of the local builder-remodelers with a showroom that is open daily. They take note of the showroom samples that interest customers to get a sense of their tastes and use that as a guide in what to show them, hopefully simplifying what can be an overwhelming process for some people, he added.

“The experience that they have with us, we hope that is as smooth and as painless as possible because when you’re building a house or doing a large scale remodel, there are a lot of decisions and when you don’t do it every day, it get could get stressful,” said Scott Stonebreaker.

Stonebreaker Builders and Remodelers is located at 937 N. Collier Boulevard, Marco Island. For more information, visit or call 239-963-1419.

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