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Stone Sculptures on Display

Submitted Photos

Submitted Photos


The Marco Island Center for the Arts announced today its annual Stone Sculpture Show April 3 through April 7, 2017. This one week show will feature works of instructors Jerry Leeman and Johanna Petropoulos, in addition to exhibiting artists Irene Finnegan, Judy Nolan, Adelaide Pence, Steve Roberts, Mary Ruggiero and Karen Sutton.

“This exhibit is impressive,” said the Center’s Executive Director Hyla Crane. “The three-dimensional nature of stone sculpture means it can be appreciated from multiple angles. The grain texture and coloring of different stone adds a special dimension of majesty to the works of these artists.”

In some cases, the work on display is a product of an entire year of effort by the artist. Stone sculpture is labor intensive. The artist starts with a concept and chooses a stone. Unlike the finished product, raw stone is simply a big rock. In some cases it speaks to the artist. In others, the artist needs even more vision. Often, the true colors and striations of the stone are not known until work progresses.

Stone sculptures are not for the weak of heart. A mistake cannot be “painted over.” Work progresses slowly and with great attention to detail.

The Stone Sculpture Show is open to the public and may be visited between 9 AM and 4 PM. while the show is open. The show will be hosted in the Art Center’s Atrium. While the stone sculpture is on display, the Center will also have art in its Rush and La Petite Galeries for view and sale.

The Center will hold a reception honoring the artists and their works on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 from 5:30 to 7 PM. The reception is open to the public, but non-members of the Center are asked to make a minimum donation of $10 to help defray expense.

For further information concerning Marco Island Center for the Arts activities, classes, or upcoming exhibits, please visit www.marcoislandart.org.

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