Sunday, October 24, 2021

Stefology: Taking Small Businesses From Now to WOW

Give her a call if you want to get an evaluation on your boutique and see what improvements can be made.

Naples and Marco Island are some of the richest per capita cities in the entire US. Populations of well off, thriving, communities usually have something in common, small businesses. Small businesses make up somewhere around 70% of all new jobs created. They are literally what keeps the economy going. When every politician that has ever lived says that “Small businesses are America’s backbone,” they aren’t wrong, as predictably repetitive it may be. One of the largest niches of business that Naples and Marco have to offer, are boutiques. Beautiful boutiques sell jewelry, stylish clothing, and many other luxury goods. There are so many of these stores in Collier that after visiting a few it’s easy to confuse them if they truly don’t leave an impression. Sometimes it’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes on the store to see if there’s something that can be done to stand out from the crowd.

Stephanie Piazza wants to make boutiques shine as bright as this summer has been. She has been around these businesses for most of her life. Stephanie grew up in a retail business owning family. The first time she visited Naples, around 20 years ago, she fell in love immediately. It didn’t take her some time to fall for it, it was immediately after her eyes adjusted to the sun. The palm trees, restaurants, and of course small business shops grabbed ahold of her. Making the decision to move here, like so many, was easy and swift. For the entire time she’s been here she has dedicated her time to improving countless small business boutiques.

She understands the massive personal connection owners have to their shops. It’s not just a store to business owners, it can really be, well, a part of them. Someone’s business is their baby, fortunately this baby brings in revenue. Just watching something like CNBC before the first commercial break, it’s clear how well the economy is doing right now. This should be an amazing season for business earnings. Stephanie wants to help make the most out of every boutique she can.

Some owners have perhaps sold the same product line or had the same store layout for many years. She knows all the ins and outs to which items sell, and the perfect product mix. Sometimes the reason something isn’t leaving the racks or shelves is because the staff may not know much about it. This is where some extensive staff training can come in. Salespeople aren’t just for car dealerships. Stephanie can even evaluate why margins aren’t high enough and execute a game plan that’s absolutely a winner. Give her a call if you want to get an evaluation on your boutique and see what improvements can be made. Every business can do something a little different and better to improve sales and customer service. Even Lamborghinis need tune ups.

For more information, visit or call 516-885-0470.

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