Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stan’s 36th Mullet Festival

Photos by Frank Steiger | Frank Steiger grabbed these shots while he and fellow photographer, Marc Thoerner, covered the Mullet Festival Saturday evening. The calm before the storm in more ways than one!

The first thing new guests to Stan’s Annual Mullet Festival have to learn is that we aren’t talking haircuts, even though you may see a cracker or two proudly sportin one. Nope! Stan’s is talking about the fried/smoked kind of mullet. This year, there was plenty of mullet to be servedunlike years past when the fish was scarce and Stan’s posted signs it wouldn’t be served that year. 

Friday evening saw Billy Bridger and the Shane Duncan Band perform. Saturday featured SCS Band, but the highlight of the day was a Fish Cleaning Contest and a Buzzard Princess Contest.  

And, like the celebration after a bountiful harvest, the patrons arriving to Stan’s 36th Annual Mullet Festival just kept coming. In fact, on Sunday, the premiere party day, Stan’s saw the largest turnout ever for a Mullet Festival.  

Local favorites The Ben Allen Band entertained the crowd. Jeff Hilt had his hands full on stage keeping all of the Buzzard Queen hopefuls caged while they readied their best Buzzard Lope performance. In the end, whether you went home with a title or just participated, everyone was a winner! The party was THAT fun!  

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