Monday, October 18, 2021

St. Mark’s Thanks Nanette Moll

St. Mark’s and Kayleigh Kemmish thank Nanette Moll. | Photo by Joanna Moe

Nanette Moll received roses and thanks from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church members recently for her eighteen years of service as the go-to-gal in the office who became parish administrator.

In addition to roses and accolades, she received a gallon jar full of coins and bills from her young friend Kayleigh Kemmish, earned doing chores at home. According to step-mom Tracy, Nanette and Kayleigh connected at church, share the same birthday and have developed a special friendship over the last year. She just wanted to help out her friend, Nan, until she finds her next job. Nan’s response: “I feel so blessed by this friendship,” adding, “I know God has something good in store for me. I just need to be patient.”

Kayleigh, the daughter of Kyle Kemmish, will be a sixth grader at Marco Island Charter Middle School this fall.


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