Thursday, December 9, 2021

St. Francis Day

On St. Francis Day, October 4th, we celebrated our furry friends—pets. Rev. Jessica and Rev. Kathy blessed ten dogs and one toy rabbit at the beginning of Sunday service. There were special treats for our four-pawed companions made from scratch by our youth group. The service was held in Parish Hall, and we welcomed the return of The No Exceptions youth band and its director Shane Totten.

The Episcopal Church’s calendar of saints describes St. Francis a “One of the boldest and most spirited figures in history, it is a shame that Francis is sometimes dismissed as simply a quiet bird watcher. Actually, he was an outspoken and controversial social activist.” Around 1202, he joined the military and went on an expedition where he was taken captive. We know that Francis came back home and gave up everything to follow Jesus and serve the poor. The order of friars that Francis founded, the Franciscans, still follow Francis’ lead today—caring for those who live without resources. His dedication to all animals leads to celebrating our pets on St. Francis’s celebration day.

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