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Body, Mind And Spirit

Laurie Kasperbauer

B21-CBN-4-3-15-8Just a couple of weeks ago, on March 20th at exactly 6:45PM, Spring officially arrived on Marco Island. That is the moment when the sun crossed the celestial equator as it moved along its ecliptic path. And most of us were completely unaware of the event. Here in our temperate cocoon, the shifts between seasons certainly exist but the changes are more subtle and gentle than those I experienced living up north. In Iowa you can feel Spring in the air weeks before it arrives. The breeze carries a hint of warmth and a breath of moisture, even as it glides across land still covered in snow. Robins begin to arrive after an ambitious migration and scavenge for worms in the unthawed earth. The palate of color begins to emerge; green grass, budding trees and blooming flowers. The arrival of Spring is an inspiring experience. It always made me feel hopeful and happy and ambitious.

Here in our tropical locale, beautiful birds and blooming color exist 365 days a year, but Spring still brings changes. The “brisk” mornings when we woke up and needed a jacket to start the day are over. The hibiscus and impatiens bloom fully, and our pocket-sized neighbors, the Burrowing Owls, have resumed residency in their sandy-soiled dwellings. My children, who still live in the Midwest, often ask me if I miss the change of seasons. Not really, I say. Changes exist here, and it’s the consistency of our climate that I appreciate the most. But Spring, just the word alone, brings more to mind for me than migration and atmospheric changes.

Spring! The word promises energy and newness; a fresh start. Spring is the carbonation in a club soda. Hundreds of bubbles of energy,rising to the surface, where they burst into a cool, sweet



mist. Spring is my grandson poised at the top of a 3-step landing, crouched in a squat of anticipation, then launching himself off all three steps at once with the cry of a warrior. Spring is the chrysalis of a butterfly, the miniscule white egg of an anole, the slipped skin of a black racer.

Spring, in the vein of mind, body and spirit, is unrolling my yoga mat. The simplest action, with the greatest opportunity for renewal. As the mat spirals open and lays flat on the grass, the lanai, the carpet or the sand, it becomes my safe place. I imagine a giant “welcome” sign beckoning me to step aboard. Opportunity on my yoga mat is endless. I can salute the sun, honor the moon, sweat through a series of warriors, or find total stillness and calm in meditation. All the promises of Spring; renewal, energy, beginnings; these all are part of my yoga and are available each time I come to my mat.

Lilly Pulitzer is an American socialite and fashion designer. Her signature bright colors and floral prints are readily recognized and wildly popular. However her style shines brightest in her words:

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring”.

Spring is promise. Spring is rejuvenation. Spring is color after months of gray. Spring is standing on the top step with determination and a pounding heart and then launching yourself forward with the cry of Tarzan. Spring is resting on your yoga mat with eyes closed and heart open. Spring is a seedling emerging from the earth. Spring is the fragrance of honeysuckle and the taste of warm rain.

On this day, in this moment, no matter what the forecast… like it’s Spring.


Laurie Kasperbauer is an active Florida Realtor specializing in properties in Naples and Marco Island. Laurie also enjoys the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice and instructs both group and private classes.

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