Saturday, November 27, 2021

Spring Ring Bling Fling



By Richard Alan

B7-CBN-5-1-6April was here and gone, it’s time to spring clean, clear-out and check your fine jewelry. Periodic cleaning and inspection is the surest way to prevent diamond or gemstone loss from faulty or missing prongs in settings. It seems this past season many have heeded my advice and many have not. I replaced a record amount of “missing” diamonds these past months, all of which losses could have been prevented by a simple inspection. A prong in time saves nine grand.

My simple cleaning and inspection, which by the way is a free service takes three minutes or less to insure your precious gemstone’s security.

Smart folks take advantage of my service, not so smart don’t. My cleaning and check is free, it’s done in front of you while you watch. My staff or I perform this service dozens or more times a day. Paranoid schizophrenics need not take advantage of this service. Please go elsewhere, I neither have the time nor the patience for the drama.

The flip side of not caring about your precious jewelry can involve the loss, for example, of an uninsured or underinsured fine two-carat diamond due to one’s negligent behavior which is not free!

On the other hand and I wish to thank the negligent ones out there for if it were not for them I would not be presently “live from Negril”, enjoying my annual Jamaican vacation.

Now seriously, spring is the perfect time to consider upgrading or changing a worn out or out of style mounting. An easy way to afford such an event is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Take out your collection of precious jewelry, I mean all of it, safe deposit box, under the mattress, and every hidey- hole, even that hideous jewelry Aunt Edith left you. Don’t include anything considered costume, I’m talking gold, platinum… The good stuff, it’s the only thing that pertains here.

If it is afternoon or evening a nice glass of wine or your favorite cocktail could help with these life changing upcoming decisions. If it is morning I suggest a nice mimosa.

Lay out all your worldly goods on a table in front of you. Now ladies, if a big pile is good for you… if not… you need a new husband or certainly, a more generous boyfriend.

Now make three piles or categories:

#1) Jewelry you are currently wearing

on a daily basis.

#2) Jewelry you wear on special

occasions or rarely.

#3) Jewelry you would not be caught

dead wearing. (This is usually Aunt

Edith’s jewelry)

Before you make any painful decisions remember one thing, we only pass this way once and leaving all those family jewels to your kids and grand kids might seem like a grand gesture now, (this is where you take a nice long pull on your cocktail or glass



of wine) but mark my words… before you have even begun to relax in that final and eternal nap they will be running to the nearest place where they can sell this stuff and get the cash.

Does it seem what I say is a bit harsh? I buy gold from the public, I see it first hand on a regular basis.

I have bought the deceased jewelry from their kids who were still wearing the clothes they wore at the funeral a half hour ago, for goodness sake. Let the kids make their own damn precious jewelry piles. One thing I have learned is the newest generation does not have a sentimental bone in their bodies, maybe not all just most.

“Ya mon, I would love a rumrunner… Thank you Simone!” Now back to the matter at hand. You can earmark pile #1 as the jewelry you love, have it cleaned and checked out in the near future, It also might be a good time to upgrade your diamond or reset it into something new and exciting. If your significant other is not open to discussing it or worse totally against it, this is a good time to drop the hint you will be shopping around for that generous boyfriend I mentioned earlier.

Which brings us to jewelry pile #2.

If you are like most folks who reside here and you are not a true Florida cracker, you have lots of stuff in pile #2 and a lot of it will be out of style, impractical or downright ugly (I know he meant well, and it was his best effort back then, but ugly is ugly).

Slide the impractical and ugly to pile #3 (Please note. This should include all “nugget” style jewelry even if it is in pile #1. Elvis Presley loved nugget jewelry and he’s long gone. Same goes for nugget jewelry, “Members Only “ jackets and 8 track tapes. Time to move on folks! It’s 2015!!!!

Last but not least Pile #3

Should be a no brainer, this comes down to “found money “ this last pile most people could misplace or even lose and not miss a thing, it could also amount to a tidy amount of cash for you and yours, maybe trade it in for a diamond upgrade or a new trinket… How about a fabulous Jamaican vacation behind pile #3?

I had a widowed customer last year who in fact sold pile #3 to me and then financed the trip to Europe she always wanted. There she found a wealthy Italian boyfriend who continues to lavish her with fine jewelry. Ire mon!


Richard Alan is a designer/ goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith @ Island plaza and has been serving the residents and visitors of Marco Island for over 21 years and welcomes your questions about all that glitters. 239-394- 9275 or

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