Thursday, January 20, 2022

Spring Jubilee



With 20,000 eggs at stake, children came armed with Easter baskets, bags, bowls and boxes to hold as many as eggs as they could gather. Members of the Senior Softball team timed the ‘hunt’ with a stopwatch. From start to finish (without a single egg left) took a grand total of 27 seconds! The egg hunt is a small portion of the day’s festivities. Bounce houses, football toss, face painting, golfing, bottle toss, coloring, hula hoop contests, cheerleaders and crafts. You could have your photo taken with the Easter Bunny, take a train ride around the lake, go on a laser sailboat ride or play in Kid’s Cove. A mini-petting zoo with an alligator, snake, scorpion, turtle and lizard not only had the kid’s attention, but the parent’s attention, too!


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