Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Spring Break, Dealerships, & More!

Coastal Comments


It’s been a very difficult week since I last wrote. The Friends of Rookery Bay were planning many parties with just a few people at each party but one huge list of outstanding, exciting items to auction off during these small house parties and one at 360 Market. I was excited to be the chairman of that committee with the parties. It was something I’d never done before, but then a disaster hit my part of the fund raiser. You see, Rookery Bay has not been allowed by the State to open during the COVID period, but all the animals and fish had to be fed, and the wheels had to keep on moving to protect all the precious 10,000 Islands and 110,000 acres they oversee, and people need to be in place to make that happen; but the State only offers a minimum dollar amount to make that happen. So, the Friends of Rookery Bay got together, formed a team of very exciting and caring people to take on the challenge, and they came up with ideas most people would never think of; auction items that were out of this world! They divided into teams and house parties and other small groups and went to work. My part was to be there and cheer them on BUT……….as my daughter came into town on Sunday to stay at my house while her school in Orlando was on Spring Break, she flicked on the TV in our guest room, and it didn’t go on? The one in the living room was fine, but the one in the office wouldn’t work but the one in my bedroom worked! How could that happen? Two on and two off? Then she plugged in her computer to begin work and the computer couldn’t get a signal. I turned on my computer, but it said no signal. What in the heck was going on? On Monday morning we tried again, but only one TV went on and then no TV’s. We called Comcast, but you never get to speak to a human being, only a computer, so what can you ask a computer? Nothing. So, we tried to call Comcast again, and the recording said they would check it out on their machinery and get back. By the way, they did get back, but to say nothing is fixed yet, but they’ll keep on trying… all via computer. I asked if they could please come out to the home, but they called back then and said they couldn’t come before Friday! I’m supposed to be in charge of a committee, and I can’t even see what anyone is asking nor see the results or send any messages. All I had was a cell phone to call or text. I texted the main people to let them know I couldn’t see any of the goings on nor could I communicate with all the people I was supposed to be a part of! What a horrible situation I was in, and how would they even know I was telling the truth except a Comcast car was parked in my yard on Friday for quite a while, trying to figure out what happened, and finally realized they just couldn’t fix it, but must replace the cable, which they didn’t have in their truck. They said they’d be back when they had the parts and the crew to do the job right, but until then, they temporarily stuck the situation in place until they could permanently fix the cable. I just keep hoping it will stay in place until they can get here with the proper parts to fix permanently. It still isn’t fixed, by the way, but at least now I can communicate from home and write this Coastal Breeze column on the temporary fix. I’m guessing I can send it also. We’ll see. Who would ever believe an unbelievable story like that except my daughter and me, who had to live with it? She went to the library to work and is now back home in Orlando. I’ve lived in this home for 47 years and everything has worked fine with a little cough every so often, but nothing like this. But age does play a part in equipment, I guess.

*Now on to a better subject! The BMW Dealership is now being built on Davis Boulevard next to the Sun Bank Building. It looks like it will be large and stocked well, like the Porsche Dealership across Airport Road from this BMW new operation. It’s just amazing how all the old buildings are being torn down on Davis Boulevard and also many on Airport Road to make way for new development – that’s called regentrification, and we see it happening all along this corridor, and it’s ripe and ready for it. With all the new developments going in, they need places to shop and to EAT – no they don’t seem to build restaurants like they do up at the north end of the County. Yet we have the very popular Outback with their great employees and marvelous manager that just keep people coming back, and the busiest Carrabba’s in the area, the Texas Roadhouse that is always, always jammed with people, 21 Spices – voted the best food in the nation(!), the wonderful Eurasia for terrific food and wonderful staff, Bistro La Baguette French Restaurant and more, yet people are still always searching for new places to eat. They even come down from Marco Island to get a variation of food. For a place growing so quickly, and with so many new developments, you’d think SOMEONE would realize people need more places to eat!

*Just a little something on recycling! Did you know that now the County Public Utilities can recycle those large pieces of Styrofoam you get with furniture, Televisions, Christmas toys, chairs, etc.? You bet they can, but at this time only one recycling center can handle the product, so you can bring any you have to the recycling center nearest to your home, and they’ll take it from there. Before now, you just wrung your hands and wondered what to do with it! It’s fascinating to watch, by the way. I took a group out to the recycling center who does it, and they were fascinated by the process. And while I’m talking about recycling: Please remember we do not recycle yard waste, window glass, trash, toys, plastic shrink wrap, chemical containers, flowerpots, lawn furniture, cookware, dishes, or mirrors. I always take even the little batteries from flashlights and toys and Christmas items, that I keep in a separate bag, to the recycling center when I take other items there such as computers, radios, electronics, etc.

Now have a wonderful, healthy day and many more!



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