Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Spineless Behavior



I would like to begin by thanking Marco Island City Councilors Batte and Brown for showing the citizens of Marco Island that they have dignity, intelligence and class in their performance on the City Council. Unfortunately, they are the only ones serving on the council who do. They are quite obviously the only councilors who have backbones.

I was outraged by the spineless behavior of the rest of our City Council at the February 6 meeting. By accepting the resignation of City Manager Roger Hernstadt, they fulfilled the promise that they made to the person who organized their sneaky little platform of 4 in November’s election. I wonder if these 4 puppets can sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror. If I was in their shoes right now, I certainly would be unable to do so. But maybe that is because I am an independent thinker. Maybe that is because I have a conscience. I doubt that they could even understand what that means.

City Manager Hernstadt was an asset to city government. He performed his job with honesty, integrity, intelligence and responsibility. Since he has been City Manager, my taxes have gone down each year, while city services on Marco Island have improved. He has touched Marco Island in other positive ways as well. He and his wife Jessica have contributed significantly to the good of this community with their time, talents and even their personal money. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Jessica Hernstadt on committees and events for the American Cancer Society, Kiwanis, Meals of Hope and other organizations. Roger and Jessica brought the island together in a spirit of generosity and volunteerism. Roger and Jessica Hernstadt are two of the finest people I know.

The foursome of Chairman Honig, and Councilors Reed, Roman and Grifoni were able to bamboozle the voters of Marco Island back in November with their fancy signage and advertisements. But I think their days of bamboozling are over as they have exposed themselves for what they really are.

When I asked one of these 4 councilors if the rumors of their anti-Hernstadt agenda were true, he looked me right in the eye and denied them. In hindsight, that sends chills through me. It would be interesting to hear what this individual has to say for himself now. To be honest with you, I really don’t care what he would say, because it would surely be just another lie disguised as one of his “divine” insights. I can assure you, there is nothing divine about an elected official who not only denies the truth, but chooses to serve in his elected position with total disregard for the very people who voted for him, only addressing and adhering to his own personal agenda and that of his puppeteer.

My husband and I have been homeowners on Marco Island since 1997. We knew this island before it was an incorporated city. We have seen many things happen. Some good, and some bad. The February 6 City Council meeting was by far the worst thing we have ever seen.

Maureen Chodaba
Marco Island

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