Saturday, October 23, 2021

Speed Limit Changes



Over the last twelve months, nearly two dozen roadways have been studied to determine what speed limits provide the maximum safety factor for the Island’s motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. A focus group involving city management, law enforcement, the city attorney and public works have studied various data sets including speed and volume studies, traffic crash causative factors and patterns, pedestrian and bicycle concerns and other criteria. The second phase of this process involves the deployment of revised speed limits in the following areas:

  1. Bald Eagle Drive at Elkcam Circle south to San Marco Rd is currently posted at 30mph. This area will now be posted at 35mph.
  2. Collier Blvd from E. Elkcam Circle to the Smokehouse Bridge will be posted 30mph. Collier Blvd from the Smokehouse Bridge until Tigertail Ct. will be posted 25 mph. These portions of Collier Blvd. have traditionally been a combination of 30mph & 35mph zones.
  3. Service alleys such as those that run parallel to Bald Eagle, San Marco Road and Collier Blvd, which had traditionally been un-posted alleyways, will now be posted at 20 mph due to design, congestion, line of sight, pedestrian and safety concerns.

The following roadways were extensively studied; however their speed limits will remain the same:

  1. Bald Eagle Drive at Collier Blvd North to end – Existing 30mph.
  2. Bald Eagle Drive at Collier Blvd South to Elkcam Circle – Existing 30mph.
  3. Collier Blvd at Jolley Bridge to Elkcam Circle – existing 35mph.
  4. Collier Blvd at Tigertail Ct. to roadway terminus – existing 30mph.
  5. Barfield Dr. at Bald Eagle south to roadway terminus – existing 30mph.
  6. San Marco Rd at Collier Blvd. east to Goodland Bridge – mixed existing zones: 35mph & 45 mph.
  7. Yellowbird St. – existing 30 mph.
  8. Residential Streets, Courts, Lanes, Drives – existing 30 mph unless otherwise posted.

Please watch for these changes as evidenced by new signage, attention flags, and message boards. The Marco Island Police Department requests your attention, assistance and voluntary compliance of these new speed limits in order to facilitate a safer island.

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