Monday, October 18, 2021

Speed Enforcement Advocated

Photos by Steve Stefanides

Photos by Steve Stefanides

An accident which took the life of Anthony Britt, 30 years of age from Marco Island, on March 22nd has raised questions regarding how to effectively deal with speeding on San Marco Road, especially between the intersection of Barfield and Goodland Road.

After striking a cement utility pole and essentially dissecting the vehicle in half, a portion of the automobile impacted a home at 1968 San Marco Road that is owned by Rory and Vickie Barbot. The home was occupied at the time and awoke the couple to a scene of devastation and carnage on their front lawn.

The roadway itself was closed for several hours as both Marco Island Police and Florida Highway Patrol investigated the fatal crash, which occurred at approximately 2:15 AM. Mr. Britt was employed by the Sand Bar on East Elkcam Circle. He was a night bartender one evening a week since June of 2017, having worked there earlier in his career. The crash also impacted electrical and utility services to this area of the island.



For the Barbot family, the issue now is dealing with the increased incidents of speeding along San Marco Road. “We are very concerned for the safety of those on bicycles, joggers and other drivers,” said Rory Barbot.

A canvassing of other residents within their neighborhood echoed the Barbots’ concerns regarding speeding and reckless driving. The Marco Island Academy, the island’s charter high school, is located just north of the scene of the accident where 200-plus students attend school every day.



Some city councilors have suggested that raising the speed limit on some of the island’s major arteries might be a way to solve the problem of aggressive drivers. Recently, the City of Marco Island imposed travel restrictions on Jamaica Road for large commercial vehicles, by limiting the weight of trucks.

The Marco Island Police Deaprtment is intensifying their speed control efforts on San Marco Road and other major routes around the island according to Police Chief Al Schettino.

One response to “Speed Enforcement Advocated”

  1. Chuck F. says:

    Raise the speed limit?!!? How about ENFORCING the existing speed limit. Raising the speed limit will result in drivers going even FASTER. Five miles over is the standard, just ask anybody and they will say sure, you won’t get a ticket for 5 over. So that means some people will do 10 over, an others will go even faster.

    The problem is not that the speed limit is too low, the problem is no one writes enough tickets. Marco Police should hire Traffic Enforcement Officers, who simply stand on the side of the road with a Lidar Gun and write tickets. Marco would have a ton of money and safety would be improved because drivers would start slowing down.

    I drive to Marco 5 days a week if not more. I go to the Walgreens where my friend works. Everyday I hit the 35 mile an hour zone just before the bridge an begin slowing down from 45 to 35. I cannot TELL you how mad people behind me are because I am slowing down. They should be thanking me for saving them from a ticket, because if they roared over the bridge at the speed they were going and an Officer happened to be there (which they are at times), they would get a nice fine.

    Don’t RAISE the speed limit, instead ENFORCE the speed limits.

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