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Special thanks from Afghanistan

By Marilyn Honahan

On September 24, 2011, Coastal Breeze News hosted a very special wedding ceremony on the Beach at Marco Beach Ocean Resort. It was the Renewal of Vows for Marine Master Chief Christopher Aldis and his wife, Paula. Chris was stationed in Afghanistan at the time and was able to return to the States for a two week R & R. His wife, Paula, was put in touch with Coastal Breeze News’ Marketing Consultant, Marilyn Honahan. Paula related that she and Chris had always dreamed of a beach wedding but had eloped between two of his many military deployments due to time and money constraints. Since they were approaching their twentieth anniversary, she asked for help to turn their long time dream into a reality. They wished for a ceremony to celebrate their twentieth anniversary and to unite them and their two adopted children as a family.

Marilyn contacted a variety of Marco Island businesses asking for contributions to help make the couple’s dreams a reality. The outpouring of help and services donated by businesses and individuals helped to make the family’s dreams come true and more wonderful than they ever imagined.

Chris Aldis wanted to show his family’s appreciation and thank those who helped with this very special event and he did so in a very meaningful way. He sent all the businesses, organizations and individuals who contributed to their beach wedding an American flag which had previously flown over his base in Afghanistan. Each flag was accompanied by a certificate certifying that the flag had flown over the 2nd Marine Division (Forward) Headquarters, Camp Leatherneck,in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. The flags were presented to the participating businesses by Marilyn Honahan. The recipients were all very moved by these special gifts and are treasuring them.

The good news is that Chris is now back from Afghanistan and home with his family. He received his new set of orders which were approved by the Coast Guard of MARFORPAC (Marine Force Pacific) and his new duty assignment will be working for a Three Star General out of Camp Smith in Hawaii. Marine Force Pacific is made up of two thirds of the Marine Corps with a total of 91,000 Marines and Sailors. Chris will be covering from west of the Mississippi to India. He will be travelling a lot but will have no long deployments for three years.

Welcome home Chris! Congratulations to you and your wonderful family and once again, thank you from them to all the caring people on Marco Island who helped make their dream come true.

Flags were sent to major contributors, but Chris and Paula would like to send their appreciation and thanks to all who had a hand in making their day special!

Desiree Buhelos of the Boat House Motel, Ron & Jennifer Doino of Classic Transportation, Karen Anglin of South Beach Hair, Curt and Jacquie Coon of CJ’s on the Bay, Kevin Donlan of Publix, Miranda Curiele of La Miranda Salon & Spa, Mary Jane Chappy of Gulf Bay Group representing Marco Beach Ocean Resort, Robin Shifflett of Marco Island Princess, Nancy Carrington of Marco Island Florist, Karen Van Etten of Olde Marco Inn and Suites, Tammy Miloro of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Janice and Tarik Ayasun of Sunshine Stitchers, Xiomara Martinex of HomeX Decor, Wayne Waldack of Knights of Columbus, as well as Christina Giordano, Marilyn Honahan and

of Coastal Breeze News.




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